Deprecated Functionalities

Starting FusionCharts Suite XT v3.4, the following features have been deprecated as part of switch to JavaScript-only charts. Some of these are done to maintain uniformity across charts, some to gain performance, and rest to conform to JavaScript conventions.

jQuery is no longer required to render charts using FusionCharts Suite XT

In older versions of the product, jQuery was required to build charts. Our latest version no longer need this and is capable of rendering charts using our own internal engine. You can however, still use jQuery in your web pages and it will work without interfering with FusionCharts Suite XT.

Client side export and batch export is no longer supported

Because of the move to JavaScript-only rendering, client-side export or batch export of charts to image/PDF is not supported. Exporting of chart can now be done in either of the following two ways:

  • Render the chart in a browser and send the SVG representation of chart to FusionCharts Suite XT export server (currently hosted by us) as SVG string, which returns the chart image/PDF, or
  • Render chart at server-side to download it as image/PDF of the chart

    The following attributes have been discontinued:

  • showExportDialog
  • exportAtClient
  • exportDialogBorderColor
  • exportDialogMessage
  • exportDialogPBColor

STYLE element is no longer supported

To keep parity with web standards and data visualization guidelines, FusionCharts Suite XT v3.4 does not support custom application of shadow, blur, bevel or glow effects on any element of charts. As such, the STYLE element has been deprecated. Font customization is now possible through attributes of the chart element.

FusionCharts.debugMode is renamed to FusionCharts.debugger

The FusionCharts.debugMode has been deprecated in favor of a new FusionCharts.debugger. The new debugger object is optimized to help you debug and troubleshoot issues with your chart. Click here to know more about the FusionCharts.debugger

Print Manager is now discontinued

FusionCharts.printManager is now being deprecated as it was primarily intended for use with Flash. Now that Flash is deprecated it will no longer work. Using printManager will now raise a warning event.

Context Menu is now deprecated

The context menu and its related attributes which were used with the Flash variants of FusionCharts Suite XT will no longer work. As such, attributes relevant to that has been discontinued.

  • aboutMenuItemLabel
  • aboutMenuItemLink

Deprecated Methods

isActive() - The removal of Flash variant of the charts discards the use of this function since JavaScript charts are always "active" and do not lose functionality when out of viewing area of the browser.

setTransparent(transparency) - The chart container transparency can now be controlled using the containerBackgroundOpacity parameter while creating a new instance of FusionCharts.

getSWFHTML() - This method was used in conjunction with flash charts but now has been deprecated since the JavaScript variant is the only renderer supported.

addVariable() - This has been deprecated in favour of the more descriptive configure(option, value) method. Use the alternate method configure() when you want to add variables to the FusionCharts Suite XT object.

<static> setCurrentRenderer(name) - This method was used in conjunction with flash charts but now, this has been deprecated since JavaScript variant is the only renderer supported.

<static> getCurrentRenderer() - This has been deprecated since JavaScript variant is the only renderer supported.

Deprecated Events

dataXMLInvalid Invalid data now triggers an alternative dataInvalid event.

printReadyStateChange / beforePrint / printComplete / printCancelled

These events were required by the Flash charts to notify of printing related events, and are now discontinued.

Deprecated Namespaces

DOMElement This ref property has been deprecated as direct access to DOMElement of the chart has become redundant.

Changed Behaviour

Discontinued Scrollbar Customization Attributes

JavaScript variant of FusionCharts Suite XT provides only a focussed set of attributes to customize scrollbars on charts that have them - mainly the scroll charts, gantt chart and the scrollbar in legends.

  • Scroll button customizations such as scrollBtnPadding, scrollBtnWidth, scrollBtnColor are no longer supported. The button automatically adjusts based on scrollHeight provided. Also, scrollShowButton allows you to hide the scroll buttons completely.

  • The attributes for customizing colours of scrollbars - scrollBtnColor, scrollBarColor scrollBgColor are no longer supported. Instead, one single scrollColor attribute is provided.

  • The legend's scroll bar configuration has also received the same treatment and now inherits basic attributes from the global scroll bar configuration. Consequently, legendScrollBarColor, legendScrollBgColor and legendScrollBtnColor has been replaced by a single legendScrollColor attribute.

All Attributes to make elements "dashed" has the "is" prefix removed

All attributes that convert borders and lines to "dashed", say making the lines of a line chart as dashed ones, have been modified to maintain uniformity across multiple charts.

Previously, some of these attributes were referred as "xyzIsDashed" (divLineIsDashed). Now they have been superseded by "xyzDashed". Affected attributes are:

  • divLineIsDashed -> divLineDashed
  • vDivLineIsDashed -> vDivLineDashed
  • hDivLineIsDashed -> hDivLineDashed
  • quadrantLineIsDashed -> quadrantLineDashed

Attributes for absolute positioning of gauges

Gauges can be absolutely positioned with attributes such as thmOriginX and thmOriginY for thermometer gauge, cylOriginX and cylOriginY for cylinder gauge, bulbOriginX and bulbOriginY for bulb gauge.

This version onwards, these attributes are superseded by a common gaugeOriginX and gaugeOriginY.

Unification of Attributes for Maps

  • Map margin attributes such as mapLeftMargin, mapTopMargin, mapRightMargin and mapBottomMargin are deprecated and replaced respectively by chartLeftMargin, chartTopMargin, chartRightMargin and chartBottomMargin .

  • Connectors between markers are now treated as a first-class feature and as such - markerConnColor, markerConnAlpha, markerConnThickness, markerConnDashed, markerConnDashLen and markerConnDashGap has been deprecated in favour of connectorColor, connectorAlpha, connectorThickness, connectorDashed, connectorDashLen and connectorDashGap .

  • In a bid to unify attributes of maps with rest of charts, all attributes for map entities are now prefixed with the word "entity". As such, the attributes that are deprecated and prefixed are: -- bgColor -- bgAlpha -- borderColor -- borderThickness -- showBorder -> showEntityBorder -- scaleBorder -> scaleEntityBorder

  • Entities that do not carry a value were previously referred to as "Empty Entities". 3.4.0 onwards, they are treated as "Null Entities" as an analogy to null data items for cartesian charts. As such all attributes referring to "empty" entities now refers to the word "null" entities.

  • showBevel attribute is no longer supported.

(Note that null entities are not same as "hidden" entities.)

Selection Customization of ZoomLine chart

  • ZoomLine's pin pane visuals do not have a border, as such, pinPaneBorderColor has been discontinued.

  • zoomPanBorderColor is no longer supported.

New Attributes to configure Annotations

Since we introduced advanced set of features around annotations, we made certain aspects of defining annotations easier.

  • Attributes deprecated for individual annotation items

    -- xPos, toXPs, yPos and toYPos have dropped the "pos" suffix and are now called x, y, toX and toY respectively.

    -- colour and alpha gives way for fillColor and fillAlpha. There are separate border related configurations such as borderColor and borderAlpha and this change makes things more intuitive.

    -- The thickness attribute is now deprecated in favour of borderThickness. This ensures one has greater control of border and fill of line and path type of annotations.

    -- The text type annotations now accepts its value from label attribute instead of the previous text attribute. This makes things less confusing while defining annotations.

    -- underline and letterspacing attributes are discontinued since, the technical support for these features on browsers are a bit sketchy. We might consider re-introducing them sometime later.

    -- Annotations groups have also dropped the "pos" suffix for the attributes xPos, toXPos, yPos and toYPos.

    -- The root annotation attribute has discontinued support for the manageResize attribute since all annotations of JavaScript charts natively manage resizing.