Map Guide

This section will help you build your first map from scratch, in under 15 mins, and then extend the map to include more functionality.

You will learn the following:

  • Start with installing the product and instructions on how to download additional maps

  • Build a simple World map.

  • Build a data-driven World map.

  • Learn how to configure properties of the map like labels, values, borders etc.

  • Learn how to perform Entity level customizations like showing only specific values and setting fonts. You will also learn how to customize tooltips and handle null entities in this section.

  • Learn how to create your own custom entity IDs.

  • Color the map legend based on the data range.

  • Using simple Markers, which are points on the map which denote something important like locations or points of interest.

  • Setup and use Data-driven markers where the markers size is controlled by the value of the data used.

  • Using the marker sheets that ship with the product.

  • Listening to map events and integrating them with your applications.

  • Adding Drill-down to maps.