More Chart Types

In this section, we will discuss about the other chart types that FusionCharts Suite XT offers, along with scenarios and information on when and where to use these charts.

You will learn how to:

  • Create multi-series (clustered) charts. Multi-series charts are relevant when you have to plot multiple series of related data on the same chart e.g., revenue comparison of last 3 years.

  • Create simple and 100% stacked charts. Stacked charts help you show constituents of a composition in the same chart e.g., sales split between products and services.

  • Create combination charts. Combination charts combine various series type like column, line and area in the same chart, and can plot them against the same y-axis, or split them across dual y-axis.

  • Create charts with both x-axis and y-axis as numeric, namely scatter (or XY plot) chart. Bubble charts are similar, but with an additional z-axis that is represented as the size of the bubble.

  • Create zoom line charts which are best suited for plotting large amount of data points on a single chart. This chart allows zooming and pinning on the chart and can plot a larger dataset spanning tens of thousands of points.

  • Create 3D charts, for scenarios where you need that additional depth in visuals.

  • Build real-time charts that poll their data dynamically at pre defined intervals and render with new data points.

Let’s get started.