Adding Interactivity to Your Charts

All the charts, gauges and maps in FusionCharts Suite XT offer multiple options of user interactivity. user interactivity. In this section, you will learn:

  • How to add drill-down capability to your charts. Drill-down functionality lets you convert individual data plots (columns in column chart, pie slices in pie chart etc.) or the whole chart into hotspots (or links). These items, when clicked, can open URLs, call JavaScript functions or load new charts (called LinkedCharts).

  • Enable exporting of chart as image or PDF. All charts in the FusionCharts Suite XT pack can be configured to be exported as image (JPEG or PNG) or PDF. The charts, by themselves, cannot directly export, as they are rendered at the client side. Hence, you need to use the hosted FusionCharts Suite XT export server, which we cover here.

  • Listen to various JavaScript events raised by the chart.