Creating Bullet Graphs

As an example, we will create a bullet graph to show last month’s revenue, where the actual revenue will be plotted against the target revenue.

A horizontal bullet graph to plot the actual revenue and the target revenue looks like this:

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To create a bullet graph, you will need to:

  • Define the upper and lower limits (also known as the maximum and minimum values) for the chart.

  • Divide the specified limits into the qualitative ranges of performance - poor, satisfactory, and good and define the data for the graph. For our example, we will use the data shown in the table below:

Range What it means? Color
0-50k Poor Light Red
50k-75k Moderate Light Yellow
75k-100k Good Light Green
  • Define the actual and target value. For our example, we will set the actual value to $82K and the target value to $90K.

The data structure needed to create the bullet graph to plot the actual revenue against the target revenue is given below:


To render the above chart as a vertical bullet graph, change the value of the type attribute to vBullet.

There! You have now seen how you can create a simple bullet graph.