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  • FusionCharts Suite XT introduces data skipping starting version 3.12.0. In case of huge data, data skipping draws only those plots in the canvas that actually create a data trend.

  • The reverseAxis attribute has been introduced to reverse the x-axis and set the labels in descending order from left to right in scatter and bubble charts. This attribute works only when the x-axis is represented using numeric values. By default, the labels are set in the ascending order

  • An element—called the cross line—has been introduced for all column, bar, area and line 2D charts. It is a vertical line/area used as quick reference for the data plots.
    The following new attributes have been introduced for configuring the cross line:
    • drawCrossLine
    • Crosslinecolor
    • Crosslinealpha
    • Crosslineanimation
    • Crosslineanimationduration
    • Tooltipgrayoutcolor
    • Plotcolorintooltip
  • Starting v3.12.0, all actions for the chart configurations & space management is executed in a separate thread before rendering the graphics of the chart (that is carried out when the render() function is called). Previously, all these actions were executed in the same thread.
    The asyncRender property has been introduced to enable/disable this feature.