FusionCharts Suite XT—the industry’s most comprehensive charting solution— is all about easing the whole process of data visualization through charts. Get started in 15 minutes and create the most delightful looking charts, coupled with advanced features like drill-down, real-time updates, and custom annotations, among others, that can make your applications informative and intuitive. You can also combine charting components to create business dashboards relevant to specific business processes.

This developer center includes everything that you’d want to know about working with FusionCharts Suite XT.

Chart Attributes

List of all attributes, with descriptions, that can be used for customizing charts.

API Reference

List of methods, functions, and events needed to work with FusionCharts API.

Usage Guide

After installation is done, learn to create your first chart in 15 minutes.

Chart Fiddles

Live chart gallery hosted on JSFiddle that lets you edit the code and see updated charts in real-time. Includes live samples for all charts and major features supported by the product.

Chart Gallery

Includes visual samples of all 90+ charts and gauges, and over 900 maps, that are a part of the product.

Business Dashboards

A prominent application of the product, these can be used for complex data visualization across domains and functions

Map Reference

A complete list of all attributes, with descriptions, that can be used for customizing each map. It also includes the map specification sheets and map marker data.


FusionCharts can be used natively with two popular JavaScript frameworks - jQuery and AngularJS, using their respective plugins. Choose the framework of your choice to get started.

FusionCharts Jquery Plugin FusionCharts AngulaJS Plugin


FusionCharts supports integration with the following popular server side technologies. Choose the technology of your choice to get started.

FusionCharts ASP.NET Wrapper FusionCharts PHP Wrapper FusionCharts Ruby On Rails Wrapper

Export Handlers

FusionCharts allows you to process chart exports on your own server. Choose the export handler of your choice to get started.

FusionCharts ASP.NET Export Handler FusionCharts PHP Export Handler FusionCharts Ruby On Rails Export Handler FusionCharts Java Export Handler