Version 3.9.0

28th September, 2015

New Features

  • The forceNumberScale (sForceNumberScale for the secondary y-axis) has been introduced to format values lower than the specified numberScaleValue.

  • If a data value is less than the lowest given number is the number scale, this attribute forces the lower value of the numberScaleUnit to be applied to that data value. This attribute works only when "formatNumberScale": "1" and the defaultNumberScale attribute is not defined.

  • The variableIndex attribute has been introduced to determine how the data index will be assigned to data plots in real-time charts.


  • The alertObj object is now available as the second parameter of the alertComplete event, allowing the user more control over the event.

  • The client-side export feature is now available for IE10 and above, including new Microsoft Edge browser. Also, the feature is now working correctly for gradients in Mozilla Firefox.

  • In zoom-line charts, overlapping of tooltips for data plots having very close values has been fixed.

  • Charts/maps with a large number of data points can now be exported using the PHP export server.

  • Browser compatibility improved for handling the SVG path element in drag-node charts.

  • Improved label management for funnel and pyramid charts, with a large number of data labels. Improvements include:

    • Skipping of less significant labels (determined based on label position inside the unit block)

    • Chart repositioning to display maximum label text, before label text is truncated by ellipsis

    • Optimization of the label placement algorithm to place labels based on threshold values (calculated dynamically depending on the available space)

  • The following maps have been added to the core package:

    • Japan province maps

    • Azerbaijan sub-region maps

    • USA DMA maps

    • USA MSA maps

    • Europe (All Countries with UK as single entity)


  • JavaScript Runtime error, caused by enabling recursive number scaling (scaleRecursively=1) for the secondary y-axis in the dual y-axis multi-series combination chart (MSCombiDY2D), has been fixed.

  • All line and area charts now render correctly in IE8 when the document mode is set to Standards and animation=1.

  • Previously, under these conditions, the data plots in the line and area charts would disappear after the chart finished rendering.

  • Invalid <style> tag present in the exported SVG string has been removed.

  • Interactive layers for line or area plots are now active in combination charts with a scroll.

  • Previously, the interactive layer of column data plots overlapped the interactive layer of line and area data plots.

  • Maps now render correctly in IE10.

  • Tooltips for individual map sections are now rendered correctly with gradient legend interactivity.

  • Previously, the tooltips disappeared when the touch event was triggered.

  • Tooltips for data plots with very small values, at the base of a stacked bar chart, are now rendered correctly.

  • Tooltips in charts are now working in Android Chrome for the data plots configured to listen to drag events.

  • The chartCleared event is now triggered irrespective of where it is attached-globally, with the FusionCharts object, or at chart level.

  • Previously, the event was triggered only when attached globally.

  • The alertComplete event is now triggered irrespective of where it is attached-globally, with the FusionCharts object, or at chart level.

  • Previously, the event was triggered only when attached globally.

  • Draggable chart components, like the gradient legend, are now working correctly when the chart is rendered inside a draggable container.

  • For the angular gauge, the dial value is now considered when calculating the minimum and maximum limits of the gauge scale.

  • In maps, the marker label is now placed above the marker when the label is positioned in the center (labelPos=center).

  • The LogMSColumn2D chart now renders correctly when the showCanvasBorder and the showAxisLine attributes are defined.

  • Previously, the chart failed to render even if one of these attributes was defined.

  • The bulb gauge now renders correctly when value is undefined and the attribute showValue=0.

  • Error shown in the Google Chrome console when FusionCharts was rendered on Windows 8 devices has been fixed.

  • JavaScript error, reported in the console when a chart is disposed before the render event is triggered, has been fixed.

  • maxLabelHeight attribute is now working correctly to set the maximum height for x-axis labels in real-time charts. If the height of a label is beyond this value, the label is truncated.

  • The pin mode in the zoom-line chart now works correctly for all values of the lineThickness attribute.

  • Previously, the pin mode worked correctly only when lineThickness=1.

  • Data values in scroll charts are now visible when a chart is configured to scroll to the end of the chart, when it is first loaded (scrollToEnd=1) and animation is enabled for the chart (animation=1).

  • Number formatting issues for y-axis values in zoom-line charts have been fixed.

  • Horizontal space management issues in pyramid and funnel charts have been fixed.

  • Previously, for showLegend=1 and legendPosition=right, the charts would shift to the left, flowing out of the chart canvas.

  • Overlapping of wrapped labels in pie and doughnut 2D/3D charts, when manageLabelOverflow=1, has been fixed.

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