Classifying Events


FusionCharts Suite XT includes a comprehensive set of events that can be used to trigger actions for different stages in the life cycle of a chart or when you interact with a chart. These events are classified based on when they are triggered, or the chart-type they belong to. For example, there are events that are triggered during/when the chart renders, events triggered when chart data is loaded, events specific to pie charts, events specific to drag-able charts, and so on.

This article gives you a detailed classification of the events in FusionCharts Suite XT.

ready is the first event that should be triggered when the FusionCharts library is included in the page, to ensure integrity of all the listeners. All interactions with the FusionCharts framework should initiate only after this event is fired.

Given below is the classification of the rest of the events.

Events Specific to Chart Types

Events for Drag-able Charts

Events for the Drag-node Chart

Events for Pie and Doughnut Charts

Events for Scroll Charts

Events for Real-time Charts

Events for the Gantt Chart

Events for the Select-scatter Chart

Events for the Zoom-line Chart

Generic Events

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