Version 3.7.x

Version 3.7.1

22nd May, 2015


Latest version of Firefox (37.0.1) introduced two bugs which were fixed in this release:

  • Data plot border in column 2D charts is now visible.

  • Line segments in all line and area-based charts are now visible.

Version 3.7.0

25th March, 2015

New Features

  • Chart loading messages can now include images, instead of just plain text.

  • New attributes for customization of quadrant labels in bubble chart.

  • clickURLOverridesPlotLinks attribute added to override the individual data plot links over clickURL link.

  • Peak data can be selectively shown on the first render of a zoom-line chart.


  • Text rendering for Right To Left (RTL) text improved.

  • Multiline text for series names in legend is now supported.

  • Event handling on hybrid (both, touch and pointer input) devices improved.

  • Loading of large map files has been improved through batch rendering.

  • Divisional lines (on the axes) /tick marks (on gauge scales) are now visible when the difference between user-specified limits is a prime number.


  • Spline charts now don't spill out of the canvas for certain curve characteristics.

  • Vertical line label borders are now hidden when showLabelBorder=0 for charts rendered in the VML (IE8) browser.

  • Zero plane for the bar 3D aligns correctly and does not look detached from the canvas background.

  • x-axis data in a candlestick chart does not truncate when volume data is not defined.

  • y-axis values in the candlestick chart do not overlap when volume data is not defined.

  • dataPlotRollOver, dataPlotRollOut, and dataPlotClick events are now triggered for Gantt charts rendered in VML browsers.

  • Pie and doughnut charts now rotate when rendered inside scrollable containers.

  • Drill-down charts don't fail on clicking the same element twice, when JSON data is provided through a URL.

  • Line segments in zoom-line charts don't disappear when connectNullData=1.

  • Start and end anchors in zoom-line charts are not clipped anymore.

  • containerElementType constructor-level property is now working as expected.

  • showAnchor attribute can now hide anchors for area charts.

  • Chart elements with gradient colors are now visible when the chart is rendered using the <base> HTML tag.

  • Ellipses are now shown for labels in pie and doughnut charts when manageLabelOverflow=1.

  • y-axis limit calculation is corrected for null data values.

  • Critical memory leak in real-time charts fixed.

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