Version 3.4.x

Version 3.4.1

18th November, 2013


26th September, 2014 Zero JavaScript memory leak while disposing a chart. Support for attribute refreshInstantly in real-time charts and gauges. Support for providing data directly as min, max, q1, q2, q3 etc in Box And Whisker charts. Addition of the newly formed Telangana (India) state map.


  • Support added for exporting charts having radial gradients in VML browsers.

  • Links on pie based charts now work on touch devices.

  • dataCount value calculation in alert manager has been fixed.

  • setTransparent method fixed to set container background transparent.

  • ID based realtime update now works in AngularGauge.

  • Added support for borderColor and borderAlpha attributes in tag of HLinearGauge.

  • bubbleHoverAlpha attribute works with use3dlighting set to 0 and plotFillHoverColor applied.

  • Configuring HTML class of FusionCharts root DOM element is now allowed.

  • Radar Chart's data value now supports baseFontSize attribute.

  • No default space is allocated when showLabels is set to 0 and labelDisplay is set to stagger or None.

  • Fixed border color related issues for IE8 browser, when bgColor for data values / axis names are defined.

  • Fixed behavior of defaultMarkerShape attribute.

  • Removed overlap of xAxisLabels with the x-Axis with large font sizes.

  • Attribute valueBgColor works perfectly for lengthy values in the chart.

  • Improved compatibility with Prototype.js.

  • Added support for data value cosmetic attributes valueFont, valueFontSize, and valueFontBold for Radar charts.

  • Internet Explorer 8 now supports ZoomLine chart.

  • Added support for slicing of Pie charts on touch devices.

  • Better rendering of Box and Whisker charts negative data values.

  • Zoomline chart now displays cross hair on touch devices.

  • FusionCharts now works on Firefox v3.0.

  • FusionCharts is now compatible with AMD based module loaders like RequireJS.

Version 3.4.0

16th June, 2014

Key Changes

  • Rendering supported in Javascript only, support for rendering in Flash deprecated.

  • Significant improvement in chart rendering time.

  • Dependency on jQuery removed leading to reduction in JavaScript code footprint.

  • New developer friendly documentation introduced for the JavaScript only API.

  • Theme manager added to allow easy application of presentation features across charts.

  • Annotation engine added to allow addition of text and shapes on chart.

  • Additional events available for deeper integration of charts with applications.

  • Support for hover effect on all common charts.

  • Support for macro variables in tool tips to update content dynamically.

  • Data enabled markers supported for maps.

  • Selectively render axis lines.

  • New JavaScript helper methods added.


  • Cleaner legend keys across all charts.

  • Option to hide specific datasets upon chart initial load, which can be shown by user upon clicking legend key.

  • Pie and doughnut charts can now be configured to allow slicing of only one pie/doughnut slice at most.

  • Doughnut charts can now contain a dynamic center label, which can be configured per doughnut slice.

  • Better export server hosted by FusionCharts, for export of charts as image/PDF.

  • Support for palette ThemeColors across the suite, allowing you to define a list of colors for use by data plots.

  • Support for automatic ellipses and wrapping in ZoomLine charts.

  • Anchors in sparkline charts now support the hover effect.

  • New attributes for anchors to better configure their display.

  • Support for tool-tips for the connectors in the Drag Node charts.

  • Support for path in annotations.

  • Unification of limit calculation in gauges, which was earlier bound by color-range minimum or maximum values.

  • Aesthetics of axis, data plot, anchors etc.


  • The *divlinealpha* attribute now works in Google Chrome

  • Real-time charts render with the correct *yAxis-max* value after resizing

  • Alpha attribute is not working for set level in candlestick charts.

  • Alpha property works in the 2D mode of Bubble charts.

  • Background color can be applied to *tlLabel, `trLabel*,blLabel`, and *brLabel* in Heat Map charts.

  • Bar plots are properly aligned w.r.t. base line in VML browsers.

  • Chart logo is no longer clipped in scroll charts.

  • clickURL works when any chart button / context menu is clicked.

  • Commas in a data-stream in realtime charts do not break it.

  • Compatibility issues with Base2-p.js fixed.

  • Custom entity stroke thickness fixed in VML browsers.

  • Distortion fixed in line chart in VML when *connectNullData='0'*.

  • Font related styles can no longer be inherited in charts from external sources.

  • FusionCharts works correctly on Firefox 3.0+.

  • Gantt charts don't throw js errors when a task's *endValue is less than its `startValue`*.

  • Gantt charts now render when setting *showStartDate='0'* in VML browsers.

  • Gradient element with id containing a capital letter now works fine.

  • Pointer is now positioned correctly for the zero value if scale starts from a negative value in linear gauges.

  • setXmlUrl and *setJSONUrl* now work fine in IE11 after render.

  • In Pie/Doughnut charts, a link can be activated by right click also.

  • Plot shadows, when hidden, are no longer visible in VML for Column, Pie, Area type charts.

  • Positioning of plot sum labels in Stacked Bar charts now fixed.

  • JavaScript API *setZoomMode(*) now works in JS Zoomline chart.

  • Label of sum no longer overshoots for the first stack in stacked charts.

  • Log Column charts plot data correctly when values are less than 0.99.

  • Fixed gradient references in RedRaphael when URL is changed dynamically.

  • Multi-line labels in vline now position properly.

  • Tooltips on Pie charts on touch devices like iPad now fixed.

  • Quadrant labels in Scatter/Bubble charts are not visible in VML.

  • Rotated x-axis labels have been fixed.

  • Setting *divLineAlpha=>50* now works properly.

  • yaxisMaxValue now works correctly for Stacked Real-time charts.

  • Text is not misplaced in exported images on VML browser.

  • Trendline's *displayValue *attribute now parses {br} in Gantt.

  • Vertical positioning of caption and sub-caption in IE 9, 10.

  • Placement of cross hair of Zoomline charts in light-box in IE is fixed.

  • Z-position issue fixed in context menu and tooltip when a chart is rendered in ExtJS.

  • Zoom line charts pin mode now works fine.

  • showLimits="0" does not crash LogMSLine chart.

  • tooltext is now working in maps.

  • Linear gauge hover effect for attribute *pointerHoverRadius* does not works as intended.

  • Hover related anchor properties now inherit values from non-hover state in line/area charts.

  • $xDataValue, *$xValue, `$yDataValue*, and$yValue` tooltip macros work for Select Scatter charts.

  • $volumeValue and *$volumeDataValue* functionality is now swapped.

  • $taskStartDate and *$taskEndDate* are now working.

  • $horizontalErrorPercent and *$verticallErrorPercent* are not working.

  • $fromXValue, *$fromXDataValue, `$fromYValue*,$fromYDataValue`, *$toYValue, `$toYDataValue*,$toXValue`, *$toXDataValue, `$fromLabel* and$toLabel` are working.

  • $cumulativePercentDataValue is now working.

  • The functionality for *$closeValue and `$closeDataValue`* has been swapped.

  • plotToolText attribute is now working in dataset tag for most of the MS charts.

  • Candlestick chart throwing JS error with blank datasets now fixed.

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