FusionExport Release Notes


New Features

  • Export image quality control.

  • Support MySQL logging.

  • WS communication.

  • Progress bar support.


  • SDKs and CLI can communicate with the same server.

  • Template bundling during dashboard export is more smart and simple.

  • Easier control over FusionExport Server configuration.

  • Better export image quality.

  • S3 and FTP configs can now be provided as a file.

  • Simple host and port are used instead of a URL.

  • Improved output filename manipulation and customization.

  • FusionCharts library path can now be changed from FusionExport Server.

  • FusionExport Server can now do the job of both FusionExport Desktop and FusionExport Web Service with a simple CLI interface.


  • FusionExport Desktop.

  • FusionExport Web Service.

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