Version 3.11.x

Version 3.11.3

1st November, 2016

Key Change

  • The current pricing plan has been changed to an annual model, based on the number of developers.For more details, please visit our pricing page.

New Features

  • Toolbars can now be customized using the following attributes:

    • toolbarX
    • toolbarY
    • toolbarHAlign
    • toolbarYAlign
    • toolbarPosition


  • The message font and font color can now be customized when the showChartMessage() method is used to set custom chart messages.

  • The showChartMessage() API is now modified to:

  • showChartMessage(text, modal, cancelable, customAttrs) Where, customAttrs is an object that can take the color, fontSize, and font attributes as values.

  • Tooltips no longer overflow out of charts. Previously, in spite of enough space being available, tooltips would flow out of charts. Now, if there is sufficient rendering space available, the tooltip is constrained to fit inside the chart.

  • Trailing commas in the JS code generated by the .NET wrapper have now been removed.

  • The core maps package has been updated to:

    • Update the Madhya Pradesh specification sheet to add the Agar Malwa and Ashoknagar districts.

    • Add specification sheets for 13 East Timor sub-districts under East Timor (sub-districts)

    • Add specification sheets for 14 Uzbekistan sub-provinces under Uzbekistan (sub-provinces)

    • Update the specification sheet for Russia to:

      • Rename Altai to Altaiskiy Kray

      • Add Republic of Altay, Crimea, and Sevastopol City to the list of entities


  • Behavioral issues encountered when the clickURL attribute and the export event are used together have been fixed. Previously, the events would be triggered together resulting in chart export and redirection happening at the same time.

  • Message log buttons are now hidden when messageGoesToLog=0.

  • Tooltip rendering issues in the Bootstrap Modal Window have been fixed.

  • For the zoomline dual y-axis chart, the traditional tooltip now includes the value of the sNumberPrefix attribute. Previously, when the numberPrefix and sNumberPrefix attributes were defined, only the value for the numberPrefix attribute was rendered in the tooltip.

  • The sNumberSuffix attribute is now applied to the csv data for dual y-axis charts.

  • For all Cartesian charts, when decimals=0, the issue of numeric values repeating for consecutive div lines along the y-axis has been fixed.

  • For the pie and doughnut charts, label space management has been implemented for all valid values of the labelFontSize attribute. Previously, labels overlapped for larger font sizes.

  • For the pie and doughnut charts, the enableSlicing attribute can now be used at the data object level to enable/disable slicing for a particular data plot. Previously, enableSlicing was supported only at the chart object level.

  • Incorrect width calculation, when the '/' character is included in the smart label for pie and doughnut charts, has been fixed.

  • For all gauges, when a data plot is clicked, the clickURL event is now fired only once. Previously this event was triggered twice.

  • Rendering issues in gauges having low height dimension have been fixed.

  • For gauges rendered with low dimensions, the scale axis now shows the upper and lower limit display values by truncating them. Previously, if there was insufficient space, the scale axis values were not rendered because numeric values cannot be truncated. This fix lets the upper and lower limit non-numeric display values to be truncated and rendered, in spite of low dimensions.

  • Y-axis scaling is now done based on trend-line values, along with data values. Previously, when the trend-line values were not included, due to the difference between the largest data value and the trend-line value, the latter was often not visible on the chart.

  • For server-side export, the exported event is now triggered as expected. Previously, the event was not triggered when exportAction=save.

  • The exportFormats attribute can now be used for enabling export in selected formats. Previously, even though a single format was passed as value to this attribute, the export menu still showed all the supported formats.

  • For multi-series charts, when the plotHighlightEffect attribute is defined, the JS error thrown upon hovering over a legend item has been fixed.

  • Map color definitions are now correctly applied to entities having '0' as the data value.

  • Markers no longer become unclickable when overlapped by labels.

Version 3.11.2

16th September, 2016

  • FusionCharts Suite XT(trial version) can be installed via NPM and Bower. The product is available in two different packages:

    • The fusioncharts package includes all charts and widgets and map definition files for only the USA and World maps.

    • The fusionmaps package, in addition to all charts and widgets, includes all map definition files.


  • Chart performance has been improved thereby significantly improving the chart rendering speed.

  • For Horizontal linear gauge, color attribute of trendpoint is now also applied on trendline's text.

  • For all the charts in FusionCharts Suite XT, annotations will be displayed above all the elements in the chart if we set showBelow=0.

  • For scroll stacked column chart, showSum attribute is working even if the dataset value is set to '0'.

  • The feedData method is now working as expected. Previously, this method was escaping characters for encoding. This issue has now been fixed.


  • In the zoom scatter chart, the regression line is now working as expected. Previously, it was getting extended upto the width of the canvas. This issue has been fixed.

  • In the kagi chart, labels corresponding to null data values are no longer displayed on the x-axis.

  • In the zoomline chart, Traditional tooltips are now displayed when useCrossLine=0.

  • For 2D pie charts, labelDisplay attribute is now working as expected when set to ROTATE. Previously, for 'labelDisplay=ROTATE', labels were not getting displayed.

  • Label positioning issues in pie and doughnut charts has been fixed. Previously, label overlapped the caption/sub-caption.

  • JavaScript error in zoomline chart when chart height is less than 173 has now been fixed.

  • For funnel and pyramid charts, the baseFont attribute is now working as expected.

  • Labels in bubble chart is now getting displayed as expected without any line break.

  • For zoomline chart, rotateLabels attribute is now working as expected.

  • The issue of chart caption and sub-caption overlapping the chart canvas in Google Chrome, when canvasOnTop=1, has been fixed.

  • For the gantt chart, showSlackAsFill attribute is now functional.

  • USMSA map is now getting rendered with the expected entities.

  • Extra decimal values has now been removed when formatNumber attribute is false (0).

  • For radar chart, all the labels are now getting displayed as expected. Previously, labels for some data points were not getting rendered. This issue has now been fixed.

  • For angular gauge, the value of the lower limit is now rectified. Previously, if the lower limit was not specified, it was inheriting the value of the dial.

  • For multi-series charts, the javaScript function when defined in link attribute will be triggered only once when legend is toggled. Previously, when link attribute was defined the JavaScript function was getting executed twice.

  • In real-time charts, using updateInterval the real-time data gets rendered at expected time.

Version 3.11.0

1st July, 2016

New Features

  • A new interaction model has been introduced for the treemap chart. The newly introduced navigation bar helps to stay in context of the overall hierarchy of data while we focus on details at a certain level of the hierarchical data. The navigation bar is also interactive; clicking a node on the bar shows the subtree for which the clicked node is the root node.

  • The zoom-in and zoom-out animation in the treemap chart has been extended to help establish hierarchical context.

  • The slice and dice algorithm for the treemap chart now supports two additional slicing modes, horizontal slicing and vertical slicing. Previously, only the alternate tiling and slicing mode was used.

  • The maxDepth attribute has been introduced to restrict the number of hierarchical levels of a treemap chart displayed at any given point in time.

  • Bullet graphs now support real-time data update. New data can now be loaded periodically (from server-side or client-side) and the chart will be updated to reflect the current state of data.

  • FusionCharts Suite XT introduces the toolbar starting version 3.11.0. The advantage of having a toolbar is that it manages all the UI action elements (context menus, checkboxes, buttons) centrally, providing a uniform and clean look and a meaningful and logical grouping of chart elements.

  • Chart data can now be exported in the XLS format.

  • The batch export feature has been introduced, allowing users to export multiple charts on the same page as a single JPG/PNG image. The batchExport API method enables this feature; additionally, it also lets you customize the exported chart images for parameters like the width and height of the exported chart, the background color, transparency, and so on.

  • The animateClockwise` attribute has been introduced to configure the direction of animation (clockwise or anticlockwise) for pie and doughnut charts every time a chart is rendered.

  • The alphaAnimation attribute has been introduced to let users enforce initial animation via alpha transition.


  • Like the scatter chart, now the zoom-scatter chart also supports category on x-axis.

  • Legend interactivity has been enabled for the Marimekko chart.

  • The treemap chart now supports the dataplotClick, dataplotRollOver, and dataplotRollOut events.

  • Legend sliders are now hidden when the gradient legend is disabled (using interactiveLegend=0) in charts and maps.

  • The attributes legendAxisBorderColor and legendAxisBorderAlpha have been added to control the color and opacity of the border around the gradient in the gradient legend.

  • The new targetCapStyle attribute is used to modify the cap style of the graphics for the target elements in the horizontal and vertical bullet graphs. Previously, when targetThickness > 2, the target element appears distorted around the edges. targetCapStyle fixes this bug.

  • For 3D pie charts, interaction has been extended to cover the entire surface area of the chart. Previously, the pie slices could be rotated only by dragging the top layer of the slices.

  • Core maps package updated for the following:

    • Added specification sheets for six Lebanon Governorates under Lebanon (Governorates).

    • Added specification sheets for 16 Kazakhstan state maps under Kazakhstan (Regions).

    • Updated the specification sheet for Madhya Pradesh to:

      • Add the Anuppur, Singrauli, Alirajpur, and Burhanpur districts.

      • Rename Narsimphapur to Narsinghpur, East Nimar to Khandwa, and West Nimar to Khargone.

    • Updated the specification sheet for Rajasthan to:

      • Add the Pratapgarh district.

      • Rename Ganganagar to Sri Ganganagar and Jalor to Jalore.

    • Updated the specification sheet for Punjab to:

      • Add the Barnala, Fazilka, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Pathankot, and Tarn Taran districts.

      • Rename Muktsar to Sri Muktsar Sahib and Nawanshar to Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar.

    • Updated the specification sheet for Netherlands to change short labels for Gelderland, Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Zeeland, and Zuid-Holland.

    • Updated the specification sheet for East Timor to rename Ambeno to Oecusse.


  • Category labels in the chart data are now rendered correctly irrespective of the number of labels and the chart size. Previously, for a large number, the labels were rendered only when the chart size was significantly increased.

  • Change in font size and font family, when a chart is exported as SVG, has now been corrected.

  • Skipping of data labels in real-time charts for new a dataset (fed into the chart after the initially defined dataset has rendered) has been fixed.

  • Visibility issues for the anchor representing the closing value in the sparkline chart have been fixed.

  • Run-time error generated when the legendItemClicked event is triggered has been fixed.

  • Data value positioning problems in the bar 2D and 3D charts have been fixed. Data values that occupied more space than the maximum data plot size were placed outside the data plot, even if placeValuesInside=1. The issue was due to the placeValuesInside attribute not working as expected.

  • Rendering very small data values no longer causes the browser to crash or become unresponsive.

  • In the spline chart, for minimizeTendency=1 and consecutive data points having null values, the y-axis limits no longer change. Previously, under these conditions, negative values were introduced on the y-axis.

  • Caption positioning issues in the radar chart have been fixed. Previously, for captionOnTop=0 (caption placed at the bottom of the chart), the caption overlapped the legend.

  • For radar charts, the plotFillColor attribute now works as expected for the gradient effect. Previously, even though multiple colors (hex codes) were passed as values to this attribute, only a single color was applied to the plots.

  • In the drag line and drag area charts, when showToolTip=0, the data plot related events are now triggered.

  • For all line charts, the color attribute (at the data level) is now working as expected. Previously, not all colors specified as values to the color attribute (at the data level) were applied to the chart. This issue has now been fixed; all colors are applied as specified.

  • For the heat map chart, the plotHighlightEffect attribute is now working as expected.

  • The anchorHoverEffect attribute is now working as expected. Previously this attribute affected all data plots (and not just anchors) and worked even when showHoverEffect=0. The attribute has now been fixed to affect only the anchor data plots and work only when showHoverEffect=1.

  • Label distortion/overlapping in pyramid charts, when data plots are sliced, has been fixed. The issue was due to multiple clicks being triggered before a slicing animation was completed. This has been fixed by setting a lock on data plots while a slicing animation is in progress.

  • For the multi-axis line chart, the checkBoxColor attribute has been enabled. Additionally, the checkbox design has also been upgraded.

  • For the funnel and pyramid charts, issues in the cosmetic configuration for the labels' background have been fixed. Previously, all label cosmetics disappeared when a data label or the chart was clicked.

  • For the funnel and pyramid charts, rendering differences between the Firefox and Chrome browsers have been fixed.

  • Background image distortion for the funnel and pyramid charts, when rendered in Firefox, has been fixed.

  • The borderHoverDashed attribute (for column data plots) now works as expected when specified at the dataset level.

  • Data values for multiple dials and pointers can now be separated using the ',' (comma). Previously, only the '|' (pipe) was used as the separator.

  • Rendering issues in the doughnut chart, for zero value pies or data values close to zero, have been fixed. Previously, under these conditions, the doughnut chart was completely distorted when rotated.

  • In the multi-level pie chart, setting showValues=0 and showLabels=0 now hides the value background and border cosmetics. Previously, the cosmetics were visible even when the values and labels were hidden.

  • The horizontal scroll bar that appeared on the webpage when the HTML tag dir is set to rtl has now been removed.

  • In the center label of the doughnut chart, the "&" symbol now renders correctly when the <br> tag is used. Previously, if the <br> tag was used in the content for the center label, "&" would be rendered as "&". This issue has now been fixed.

  • Caption positioning issues in the Gantt chart have been fixed. Previously, when captionOnTop=0 (caption placed at the bottom of the chart), the caption was overlapped by the legend.

  • For the stacked bar 2D chart, the border around the data plots when showShadow=1 and plotBorderAlpha=0 has been removed.

  • Scale displacement and height misalignment in the thermometer gauge, when value=1, has been fixed.

  • In the thermometer gauge, when captionOnTop=0, extra space between the display value and the gauge has been removed.

  • In Google Chrome, the no data to display error encountered upon the inclusion of theme in charts has been fixed.

  • For the thermometer gauge, the thmHeight attribute is now used to calculate the height of the thermometer scale.

  • Label overlapping in the zoom-line dual y-axis chart has been fixed.

  • Data links for pie and doughnut charts are now activated only on left mouse click. Previously, the links were activated on both, the left mouse click as well as the right mouse click.

  • Drawlines and cosmetic attributes for their color, transparency, and thickness are now supported in the zoom-scatter chart.

  • For pie 2D charts, the plotBorderThickness attribute is working as expected.

  • For multi-level pie charts, rendering issues after updating the data source have been fixed.

  • For the zoom-line chart, tooltips are now displayed when anchors are hovered over.

  • Regression line visualization issues in the zoom-scatter chart have been fixed.

  • In the zoom-line dual y-axis chart, trend-lines can now be drawn along the secondary y-axis by setting parentYAxis="s". Previously, trend-lines drawn along the secondary y-axis using parentYAxis="s" were not rendered. This issue has now been fixed.

  • For the zoom-line chart, the numVisibleLabels attribute is now working as expected.

  • Tooltip rendering issues in touch devices, particularly prominent in Android devices, have been fixed. On touch devices, tooltips are shown when a data plot is tapped on.

  • For all multi-series line and area charts (including the combination charts), the showShadow attribute is now working correctly. Previously, if the last value of a dataset was null, the shadow effect of the line and area data plots was hidden. Also, when a dataset is hidden using the visible or initiallyHidden attributes or via legend interactivity, the shadow of the visible dataset is also hidden. Both these issues have now been fixed.

  • The dataIndex event argument now returns the correct value for data plots with null data values in a stacked column chart.

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