Class ExportManager

ExportManager acts as a client which sends the export chart configuration to the FusionExport Service. It delivers the exported charts through attached listeners and extends the EventEmitter class.




    • Specifies the export server's host

    • Default value:

  • options.port

    • Specifies the export server's port

    • Default value: 1337



  • Export charts and dashboards with the specified export configuration

  • Returns promise

static saveExportedFiles(outputFileBag, dirPath = .)

It is a helper function to save the whole outputFileBag in the specified directory. It can also take an enclosing directory path as the second parameter. The directory path will be appended with the output file paths before saving.

static getExportedFileNames(exportedOutput)

It extracts all the realPath from outputFileBag



  • outputFileBag: It is an array of outputBags. Each outputBag has a realName and a fileContent value. realName is the path where the file needs to be saved with the resolved filename.

Called when the export is completed.


  • state: It is a state object with reporter, exportDone, uuid, customMsg properties.

Emits events for every exporting step is initiated from the server


Triggered when an error is encountered

Class ExportConfig

ExportConfig holds the configurations to export chart with chart data, template file, dashboard config, etc. These configurations are sent to the FusionExport Service by ExportManager to export charts.



Constructs an ExportConfig object with empty export configurations


set(name, value)

Sets a single export configuration with the specified configuration value.

Returns the object which can be chained.


Gets a single export configuration with the specified configuration name.


Removes the specified configuration and returns true if configName is found.

Returns the object which can be chained.


Checks if the specified configuration is present; returns true if the configName is found.


Clears all export configurations which are already added


Returns the total number of configurations already added


Returns all configuration names in an array


Returns all configuration values in an array


Returns a clone of the existing ExportConfig


Returns all export configurations in the JSON format

Supported Export Configurations

  • chartConfig - Sets the configuration of a single chart or multiple charts in an array.

  • inputSVG - Sets the path for the SVG file input.

  • templateFilePath - Sets the path of the HTML template used for dashboard export.

  • callbackFilePath - Sets the path for a Javascript file that would be injected at the bottom of the page for each export.

  • asyncCapture - Sets if the export process will wait for CAPTURE_EXIT event.

  • maxWaitForCaptureExit - Sets the maximum time FusionExport would wait for the CAPTURE_EXIT event to be triggered.

  • dashboardLogo - Sets the path to the logo file.

  • dashboardHeading - Sets the title of the dashboard.

  • dashboardSubheading - Sets the sub-title of the dashboard.

  • type - Sets the format of the output file.

  • quality - Sets the quality of the output file. Provide either good, better or best.

  • outputFile - Sets the output filename template, along with the path.

  • outputFileDefinition - JS file defining functions or array to resolve output file names.

  • exportAsZip - Sets if the chart(s) will be exported as a zip file or as individual file(s).

  • resourceFilePath - JSON file having the dependencies of the template when templateFilePath is provided.

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