Version 3.5.x

Version 3.5.1

3rd December, 2014

This release re-introduces the Developer License and introduces a new Team license. No major software updates were done post the previous release.

Version 3.5.0

6th November, 2014


  • Added support for self hosted export servers in PHP and ASP.NET.

  • Ability to configure cosmetics and links for x-axis labels.

  • Ability to configure cosmetics for chart messages.

  • Ability to configure the maximum height of the x-axis.

  • Support for specifying process height in gantt chart.


  • Zoomline's cross-hair now supports number formatting.

  • dataValue tooltip macro is now supported in maps.

  • Better management of longer tooltips.

  • Cylinder and Thermometer gauges are center aligned by default now.

  • entityRollout event will function properly in maps.

  • Fixed export of map data in CSV.

  • Support for displayValue attribute in candlestick chart.

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