List of Maps

FusionMaps XT offers interactive maps to plot geographical data like revenue by regions, population by state, survey and election results effectively. You can also drop markers on the map to pinpoint places like office locations and flight routes. It has over 1000 maps including all continents, major countries and all the US states.

To render these maps, you need to download the map definition files from here and copy-paste the maps folder within your fusioncharts directory.

World & Continents

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
World maps/world
World With Antarctica maps/worldwithantarctica
World with Countries maps/worldwithcountries
World 8 Regions maps/world8
World 8 Regions With Antarctica maps/world8withantarctica
Europe maps/europe
North America maps/northamerica
Central America maps/centralamerica
South America maps/southamerica
Asia maps/asia
Africa maps/africa
Middle East maps/middleeast
Oceania maps/oceania
Asia (no Middle-East) maps/asia3
North America (no Central) maps/northamericawocentral
North America (with Caribbeans) maps/northamericawithcaribbeans

US & Counties

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
USA (States) maps/usa
Alaska maps/alaska
Alabama maps/alabama
Arizona maps/arizona
Arkansas maps/arkansas
California maps/california
Colorado maps/colorado
Connecticut maps/connecticut
Delaware maps/delaware
District of Columbia maps/districtofcolumbia
Florida maps/florida
Georgia maps/georgia
Hawaii maps/hawaii
Idaho maps/idaho
Illinois maps/illinois
Indiana maps/indiana
Iowa maps/iowa
Kentucky maps/kentucky
Kansas maps/kansas
Louisiana maps/louisiana
Maine maps/maine
Maryland maps/maryland
Massachusetts maps/massachusetts
Michigan maps/michigan
Minnesota maps/minnesota
Mississippi maps/mississippi
Missouri maps/missouri
Montana maps/montana
Nebraska maps/nebraska
Nevada maps/nevada
New Hampshire maps/newhampshire
New Jersey maps/newjersey
New Mexico maps/newmexico
New York maps/newyork
North Carolina maps/northcarolina
North Dakota maps/northdakota
Ohio maps/ohio
Oklahoma maps/oklahoma
Oregon maps/oregon
Pennsylvania maps/pennsylvania
Rhode Island maps/rhodeisland
South Carolina maps/southcarolina
South Dakota maps/southdakota
Tennessee maps/tennessee
Texas maps/texas
Utah maps/utah
Washington maps/washington
Vermont maps/vermont
Virginia maps/virginia
West Virginia maps/westvirginia
Wisconsin maps/wisconsin
Wyoming maps/wyoming

USA Regions

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
USA (All Regions) maps/usaregion
USA Central Region maps/usacentralregion
USA North East Region maps/usanortheastregion
USA South East Region maps/usasoutheastregion
USA North West Region maps/usanorthwestregion
USA South West Region maps/usasouthwestregion

Europe (Countries)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Europe (All Countries) maps/europewithcountries
Europe (All islands) maps/europe2
Albania maps/albania
Andorra maps/andorra
Austria maps/austria
Belarus maps/belarus
Belgium maps/belgium
Bosnia-Herzegovina maps/bosniaherzegovina
Bulgaria maps/bulgaria
Croatia maps/croatia
Cyprus maps/cyprus
Cyprus (Regions) maps/cyprus2
Czech Republic maps/czechrepublic
Denmark maps/denmark
Denmark (Regions) maps/denmarkregion
England maps/england
Estonia maps/estonia
Finland maps/finland
France maps/france
France (Departments) maps/francedepartment
Germany maps/germany
Greece maps/greece
Hungary maps/hungary
Hungary (Regions) maps/hungaryregions
Iceland maps/iceland
Ireland maps/ireland
Italy maps/italy
Kosovo Districts maps/kosovodistricts
Latvia maps/latvia
Liechtenstein maps/liechtenstein
Lithuania maps/lithuania
Luxembourg maps/luxembourg
Macedonia maps/macedonia
Malta maps/malta
Moldova maps/moldova
Monaco maps/monaco
Montenegro maps/montenegro
Netherlands maps/netherlands
Norway maps/norway
Norway (Regions) maps/norwayregion
Poland (Counties) maps/polandcounties
Poland maps/poland
Portugal maps/portugal
Romania maps/romania
San Marino maps/sanmarino
Scotland maps/scotland
Serbia maps/serbia
Serbia Wo Kosovo maps/serbiawokosovo
Slovakia maps/slovakia
Slovenia maps/slovenia
Spain (Autonomous) maps/spain
Spain (Provinces) maps/spainprovinces
Sweden maps/sweden
Switzerland maps/switzerland
Turkey maps/turkey
UK maps/uk
Ukraine maps/ukraine
Vatican City maps/vaticancity

Europe (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Europe (All Regions) maps/europeregion
East European Region maps/easteuropeanregion
West European Region maps/westeuropeanregion
Central European Region maps/centraleuropeanregion
North European Region maps/northeuropeanregion
South European Region maps/southeuropeanregion


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
UK (With Islands) maps/uk7
UK (With Counties) maps/ukcountries
England (Region) maps/englandregion
Scotland (Region) maps/scotlandregion
Wales maps/wales
Northern Ireland maps/northernireland

North America

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Antigua maps/antigua
Bahamas maps/bahamas
Barbados maps/barbados
Canada maps/canada
Cayman Islands maps/caymanislands
Cuba maps/cuba
Dominica maps/dominica
Dominican Republic maps/dominicanrepublic
Greenland maps/greenland
Grenada maps/grenada
Haiti maps/haiti
Jamaica maps/jamaica
Mexico maps/mexico
Puerto Rico maps/puertorico
Saint Kitts and Nevis maps/saintkittsandnevis
Saint Lucia maps/saintlucia
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines maps/saintvincentandthegrenadines
Trinidad and Tobago maps/trinidadandtobago

South America

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Argentina maps/argentina
Bolivia maps/bolivia
Brazil maps/brazil
Brazil (Regions) maps/brazilregion
Chile maps/chile
Colombia maps/colombia
Ecuador maps/ecuador
Falkland Island maps/falklandisland
French Guiana maps/frenchguiana
Guyana maps/guyana
Paraguay maps/paraguay
Peru maps/peru
Suriname maps/suriname
Uruguay maps/uruguay
Venezuela maps/venezuela

Central America

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Central America (with Caribbean) maps/centralamericawithcaribbean
Central America (with Virgin Islands) maps/centralamerica2
Belize maps/belize
Costa Rica maps/costarica
El Salvador maps/elsalvador
Guatemala maps/guatemala
Honduras maps/honduras
Nicaragua maps/nicaragua
Panama maps/panama

Canada Provinces & Territories

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Alberta maps/alberta
British Columbia maps/britishcolumbia
Manitoba maps/manitoba
New Brunswick maps/newbrunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador maps/newfoundlandandlabrador
Northwest Territories maps/northwestterritories
Nova Scotia maps/novascotia
Nunavut maps/nunavut
Ontario maps/ontario
Prince Edward Island maps/princeedwardisland
Quebec maps/quebec
Saskatchewan maps/saskatchewan
Yukon Territory maps/yukonterritory


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Armenia maps/armenia
Azerbaijan maps/azerbaijan
Bangladesh maps/bangladesh
Bhutan maps/bhutan
Brunei maps/brunei
Burma maps/burma
Cambodia maps/cambodia
China maps/china
China (With Direct-controlled municipalities and Special administrative regions) maps/china2
China maps/china3
Asia Georgia maps/asiageorgia
East Timor maps/easttimor
Hong Kong maps/hongkong
India maps/india
Indonesia maps/indonesia
Japan maps/japan
Kazakhstan maps/kazakhstan
Laos maps/laos
Macau maps/macau
Malaysia maps/malaysia
Mongolia maps/mongolia
Nepal maps/nepal
North Korea maps/northkorea
Philippines maps/philippines
Russia maps/russia
Singapore maps/singapore
South Korea maps/southkorea
Sri Lanka maps/srilanka
Taiwan maps/taiwan
Thailand maps/thailand
Tibet maps/tibet
Vietnam maps/vietnam

Azerbaijan (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Absheron maps/absheron
Aran maps/aran
Daglig Shirvan maps/dagligshirvan
Ganja Gazakh maps/ganjagazakh
Guba Khachmaz maps/gubakhachmaz
Kalbajar Lachin maps/kalbajarlachin
Lankaran maps/lankaran
Nakhchivan maps/nakhchivan
Shaki Zaqatala maps/shakizaqatala
Yukhari Garabakh maps/yukharigarabakh

Bangladesh (Divisions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Barisal maps/barisal
Chittagong maps/chittagong
Dhaka maps/dhaka
Khulna maps/khulna
Mymensingh maps/mymensingh
Rajshahi maps/rajshahi
Rangpur maps/rangpur
Sylhet maps/sylhet

Kazakhstan (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Akmola maps/akmola
Aktobe maps/aktobe
Almaty City maps/almatycity
Almaty maps/almaty
Astana City maps/astanacity
Atyrau maps/atyrau
Baikonur City maps/baikonurcity
East Kazakhstan maps/eastkazakhstan
Jambyl maps/jambyl
Karaganda maps/karaganda
Kostanay maps/kostanay
Kyzylorda maps/kyzylorda
Mangystau maps/mangystau
North Kazakhstan maps/northkazakhstan
Pavlodar maps/pavlodar
South Kazakhstan maps/southkazakhstan
West Kazakhstan maps/westkazakhstan

Middle East

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Afghanistan maps/afghanistan
Bahrain maps/bahrain
Iran maps/iran
Iraq maps/iraq
Israel maps/israel
Jordan maps/jordan
Kuwait maps/kuwait
Kyrgyzstan maps/kyrgyzstan
Lebanon maps/lebanon
Oman maps/oman
Pakistan maps/pakistan
Qatar maps/qatar
Saudi Arabia maps/saudiarabia
Syria maps/syria
Tajikistan maps/tajikistan
Turkmenistan maps/turkmenistan
United Arab Emirates maps/uae
Uzbekistan maps/uzbekistan
Yemen maps/yemen

Afghanistan (Provinces)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Badakhshan maps/badakhshan
Baghlan maps/baghlan
Balkh maps/balkh
Bamyan maps/bamyan
Farah maps/farah
Faryab maps/faryab
Ghazni maps/ghazni
Ghor maps/ghor
Helmand maps/helmand
Herat maps/herat
Jowzjan maps/jowzjan
Kabul maps/kabul
Kandahar maps/kandahar
Kapisa maps/kapisa
Khost maps/khost
Laghman maps/laghman
Logar maps/logar
Maidan Wardak maps/maidanwardak
Nangarhar maps/nangarhar
Nimruz maps/nimruz
Nuristan maps/nuristan
Paktia maps/paktia
Paktika maps/paktika
Panjshir maps/panjshir
Samangan maps/samangan
Sar-e-pol maps/sarepol
Takhar maps/takhar
Urozgan maps/urozgan
Zabul maps/zabul

Iran (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Esfahan maps/esfahan
Kermanshah maps/kermanshah
Mashhad maps/mashhad
Tabriz maps/tabriz
Tehran maps/tehran

Lebanon (Governorates)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Beirut maps/beirut
Beqaa maps/beqaa
Mount Lebanon maps/mountlebanon
Nabatieh maps/nabatieh
North Lebanon maps/northlebanon
South Lebanon maps/southlebanon


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Australia maps/australia
Australia (W/Capital) maps/australia2
Fiji maps/fiji
Kiribati maps/kiribati
Marshall Island maps/marshallisland
Micronesia maps/micronesia
Nauru maps/nauru
New Caledonia maps/newcaledonia
New Zealand maps/newzealand
Palau maps/palau
Papua New Guinea maps/papuanewguinea
Samoa maps/samoa
Solomon Island maps/solomonisland
Tonga maps/tonga
Tuvalu maps/tuvalu
Vanuatu maps/vanuatu


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Algeria maps/algeria
Angola maps/angola
Benin maps/benin
Botswana maps/botswana
Burkina Faso maps/burkinafaso
Burundi maps/burundi
Cameroon maps/cameroon
Cape Verde maps/capeverde
Central African Republic maps/centralafricanrepublic
Chad maps/chad
Comoros maps/comoros
Congo maps/congo
Cote Divoire maps/cotedivoire
Democratic Republic of the Congo maps/democraticrepublicofcongo
Djibouti maps/djibouti
Egypt maps/egypt
Equatorial Guinea maps/equatorialguinea
Eritrea maps/eritrea
Ethiopia maps/ethiopia
Gabon maps/gabon
Gambia maps/gambia
Ghana maps/ghana
Guinea maps/guinea
Guinea-Bissau maps/guineabissau
Kenya maps/kenya
Lesotho maps/lesotho
Liberia maps/liberia
Libya maps/libya
Madagascar maps/madagascar
Madagascar (Regions) madagascarregions
Malawi maps/malawi
Mali maps/mali
Mauritania maps/mauritania
Mauritius maps/mauritius
Morocco maps/morocco
Mozambique maps/mozambique
Namibia maps/namibia
Niger maps/niger
Nigeria maps/nigeria
Rwanda maps/rwanda
Sao Tome and Principe maps/saotomeandprincipe
Senegal maps/senegal
Seychelles maps/seychelles
Sierra Leone maps/sierraleone
Somalia maps/somalia
South Africa maps/southafrica
South Sudan maps/southsudan
Sudan maps/sudan
Sudan Wo South Sudan maps/sudanwosouthsudan
Swaziland maps/swaziland
Tanzania maps/tanzania
Togo maps/togo
Tunisia maps/tunisia
Uganda maps/uganda
Western Sahara maps/westernsahara
Zambia maps/zambia
Zimbabwe maps/zimbabwe


Belgium (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Antwerp maps/antwerp
Brussels maps/brussels
East Flanders maps/eastflanders
Flemish Brabant maps/flemishbrabant
Hainaut maps/hainaut
Liege maps/liege
Limburg maps/limburgbgomeenten
Luxembourg maps/belgiumluxembourg
Namur maps/namur
Walloon Brabant maps/walloonbrabant
West Flanders maps/westflanders

Czech Republic (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Central Bohemian maps/centralbohemianregion
Hradec Kralove maps/hradeckralove
Karlovy Vary maps/karlovyvaryregion
Liberec Region maps/liberec
Moravia-Silesia maps/moraviasilesia
Olomouc maps/olomoucregion
Pardubice maps/pardubiceregion
Plzen maps/plzen
Prague maps/prague
South Bohemia maps/southbohemia
South Moravia maps/southmoravia
Usti nad Labem maps/ustinadlabem
Vysocina maps/vysocina
Zlin maps/zlin

France (Arrondissemants)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Ile de France maps/iledefrance
Paris maps/paris
Lyon maps/lyon
Marseille maps/marseille

Germany (States)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Baden-Wurttemberg maps/badenwurttemberg
Bavaria maps/bavaria
Berlin maps/berlin
Brandenburg maps/brandenburg
Hesse maps/hesse
Lower Saxony maps/lowersaxony
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern maps/mecklenburgvorpommern
North Rhine-Westphalia maps/northrhinewestphalia
Rhineland-Palatinate maps/rhinelandpalatinate
Saarland maps/saarland
Sachsen-Anhalt maps/sachsenanhalt
Saxony maps/saxony
Schleswig-Holstein maps/schleswigholstein
Thuringia maps/thuringia

Italy (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Abruzzo maps/abruzzo
Apulia maps/apulia
Basilicata maps/basilicata
Calabria maps/calabria
Campania maps/campania
Emilia Romagna maps/emiliaromagna
Friuli Venezia Giulia maps/friuliveneziagiulia
Lazio maps/lazio
Liguria maps/liguria
Lombardy maps/lombardy
Marche maps/marche
Molise maps/molise
Piedmont maps/piedmont
Sardinia maps/sardinia
Sicily maps/sicily
Trentino Alto Adige maps/trentinoaltoadige
Tuscany maps/tuscany
Umbria maps/umbria
Valle d'Aosta maps/valledaosta
Veneto maps/veneto

Sweden (Counties)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Blekinge maps/blekinge
Dalarna maps/dalarna
Gavleborg maps/gavleborg
Halland maps/halland
Jamtland maps/jamtland
Jonkoping maps/jonkoping
Kalmar maps/kalmar
Kronoberg maps/kronoberg
Norrbotten maps/norrbotten
Orebro maps/orebro
Ostergotland maps/ostergotland
Skane maps/skane
Sodermanland maps/sodermanland
Stockholm County maps/stockholm
Uppsala maps/uppsala
Varmland maps/varmland
Vasterbotten maps/vasterbotten
Vasternorrland maps/vasternorrland
Vastmanland maps/vastmanland
Vastra Gotaland maps/vastragotaland

Switzerland (Cantons)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Aargau maps/aargau
Zurich maps/zurich
Appenzell Ausserrhoden maps/appenzellausserrhoden
Appenzell Innerrhoden maps/appenzellinnerrhoden
Bern maps/bern
Basel-Landschaft maps/basellandschaft
Fribourg maps/fribourg
Geneva maps/geneva
Graubunden maps/graubunden
Jura maps/jura
Lucerne maps/lucerne
Neuchatel maps/neuchatel
Nidwalden maps/nidwalden
Obwalden maps/obwalden
Schaffhausen maps/schaffhausen
Schwyz maps/schwyz
Solothurn maps/solothurn
St. Gallen maps/saintgallen
Thurgau maps/thurgau
Ticino maps/ticino
Valais maps/valais
Vaud maps/vaud


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Romania maps/romania
Romania (Regions) maps/romaniaregion

Austria (States)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Burgenland maps/burgenland
Karnten (Carinthia) maps/karnten
Niederosterreich maps/niederosterreich
Oberosterreich maps/oberosterreich
Salzburg maps/salzburg
Steiermark (Styria) maps/steiermark
Tirol (Tyrol) maps/tirol
Vorarlberg maps/vorarlberg
Wien (Vienna) maps/wien

Portugal (Districts)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Aveiro maps/aveiro
Beja maps/beja
Braga maps/braga
Braganca maps/braganca
Castelo Branco maps/castelobranco
Coimbra maps/coimbra
Evora maps/evora
Faro maps/faro
Guarda maps/guarda
Lieria maps/lieria
Lisboa maps/lisboa
Portalegre maps/portalegre
Porto maps/porto
Santarem maps/santarem
Setubal maps/setubal
Vianado Castelo maps/vianadocastelo
Vila Real maps/vilareal
Viseu maps/viseu

Bulgaria (Provinces)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Blagoevgrad maps/blagoevgrad
Burgas maps/burgas
Dobrich maps/dobrich
Gabrovo maps/gabrovo
Haskovo maps/haskovo
Kardzhali maps/kardzhali
Kyustendil maps/kyustendil
Lovech maps/lovech
Bulgaria Montana maps/bulgariamontana
Pazardzhik maps/pazardzhik
Pernik maps/pernik
Pleven maps/pleven
Plovdiv maps/plovdiv
Razgrad maps/razgrad
Ruse maps/ruse
Shumen maps/shumen
Silistra maps/silistra
Sliven maps/sliven
Smolyan maps/smolyan
Sofia City maps/gradsofia
Sofia Province maps/sofia
Stara Zagora maps/starazagora
Targovishte maps/targovishte
Varna maps/varna
Veliko Tarnovo maps/velikotarnovo
Vidin maps/vidin
Vratsa maps/vratsa
Yambol maps/yambol

Denmark (5 Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Hovedstaden maps/hovedstaden
Midtjylland maps/midtjylland
Nordjylland maps/nordjylland
Sjaelland (ac) maps/sjaelland
Syddanmark maps/syddanmark

Hungary (7 Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Central Hungary maps/centralhungary
Central Transdanubia maps/centraltransdanubia
Northern Great Plain maps/northerngreatplain
Northern Hungary maps/northernhungary
Southern Great Plain maps/southerngreatplain
Southern Transdanubia maps/southerntransdanubia
Western Transdanubia maps/westerntransdanubia

Czech Republic (Main Districts)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Czech Republic Districts maps/czechrepublicdistricts

Albania (Counties)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Berat maps/berat
Diber maps/diber
Durres maps/durres
Elbasan maps/elbasan
Fier maps/fier
Gjirokaster maps/gjirokaster
Korce maps/korce
Kukes maps/kukes
Lezhe maps/lezhe
Shkoder maps/shkoder
Tirana maps/tirana
Vlore maps/vlore

Estonia (Countries)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Harjumaa maps/harjumaa
Hiiumaa maps/hiiumaa
Ida-Virumaa maps/idavirumaa
Jarvamaa maps/jarvamaa
Jogevamaa maps/jogevamaa
Laanemaa maps/laanemaa
Laane-Virumaa maps/laanevirumaa
Parnumaa maps/parnumaa
Polvamaa maps/polvamaa
Raplamaa maps/raplamaa
Saaremaa maps/saaremaa
Tartumaa maps/tartumaa
Valgamaa maps/valgamaa
Viljandimaa maps/viljandimaa
Vorumaa maps/vorumaa

Romania (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Bucuresti-Iifov maps/bucurestiilfov
Centru maps/centru
Nord-Est maps/nordest
Nord-Vest maps/nordvest
Sud-Est maps/sudest
Sud-Muntenia maps/sudmuntenia
Sud-Vest Oltenia maps/sudvestoltenia
Vest maps/vest

Poland (Voivodeships)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Dolnoslaskie maps/dolnoslaskie
Kujawsko-Pomorskie maps/kujawskopomorskie
Lodzkie maps/lodzkie
Lubelskie maps/lubelskie
Lubuskie maps/lubuskie
Malopolskie maps/malopolskie
Mazowieckie maps/mazowieckie
Opolskie maps/opolskie
Podkarpackie maps/podkarpackie
Podlaskie maps/podlaskie
Pomorskie maps/pomorskie
Slaskie maps/slaskie
Swietokrzyskie maps/swietokrzyskie
Warminsko-Mazurskie maps/warminskomazurskie
Wielkopolskie maps/wielkopolskie
Zachodniopomorskie maps/zachodniopomorskie

Norway (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Eastern Norway maps/easternnorway
Northern Norway maps/northernnorway
Southern Norway maps/southernnorway
Trondelag maps/trondelag
Western Norway maps/westernnorway

Norway (Countries)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Akershus maps/akershus
Aust-Agder maps/austagder
Buskerud maps/buskerud
Finnmark maps/finnmark
Hedmark maps/hedmark
Hordaland maps/hordaland
More og Romsdal maps/moreogromsdal
Nord-Trondelag maps/nordtrondelag
Nordland maps/nordland
Oppland maps/oppland
Oslo maps/oslo
Rogaland maps/rogaland
Sogn og Fjordane maps/sognogfjordane
Sor-Trondelag maps/sortrondelag
Telemark maps/telemark
Troms maps/troms
Vest-Agder maps/vestagder
Vestfold maps/vestfold
Ostfold maps/ostfold

Slovakia (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Banska Bystrica maps/banskabystrica
Bratislava maps/bratislava
Kosice maps/kosice
Nitra maps/nitra
Presov maps/presov
Trencin maps/trencin
Trnava maps/trnava
Zilina maps/zilina



Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Aguascalientes maps/aguascalientes
Baja California maps/bajacalifornia
Baja California Sur maps/bajacaliforniasur
Campeche maps/campeche
Colima maps/colima
Mexico Distrito Federal maps/mexicodistritofederal
Guanajuato maps/guanajuato
Nayarit maps/nayarit
Queretaro de Arteaga maps/queretarodearteaga
Quintana Roo maps/quintanaroo
Sonora maps/sonora
Tamaulipas maps/tamaulipas
Zacatecas maps/zacatecas

Brazil (States)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Acre maps/acre
Alagoas maps/alagoas
Amapa maps/amapa
Amazonas maps/amazonas
Bahia maps/bahia
Ceara maps/ceara
Distrito Federal maps/distritofederal
Espirito Santo maps/espiritosanto
Goias maps/goias
Maranhao maps/maranhao
Mato Grosso maps/matogrosso
Mato Grossodo Sul maps/matogrossodosul
Minas Gerais maps/minasgerais
Para maps/para
Paraiba maps/paraiba
Parana maps/parana
Pernambuco maps/pernambuco
Piaui maps/piaui
Rio de Janeiro maps/riodejaneiro
Rio Grande do Norte maps/riograndedonorte
Rio Grande do Sul maps/riograndedosul
Rondonia maps/rondonia
Roraima maps/roraima
Sao Paulo maps/saopaulo
Santa Catarina maps/santacatarina
Sergipe maps/sergipe
Tocantins maps/tocantins

Caribbeans (Islands)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Caribbean Regions maps/caribbeansregion
Anguilla maps/anguilla
Aruba maps/aruba
Bonaire maps/bonaire
British Virgin Island maps/britishvirginisland
Curacao maps/curacao
Guadaloupe maps/guadaloupe
Martinique maps/martinique
Montserrat maps/montserrat
Saint Barthelemy maps/saintbarthelemy
Saint Eustatius maps/sainteustatius
San Martin maps/saintmartin
Turks and Caicos maps/turksandcaicos
US Virgin Island maps/usvirginisland


India (States)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Andaman and Nicobar maps/andamanandnicobar
Andhra Pradesh maps/andhrapradesh
Arunachal Pradesh maps/arunachalpradesh
Assam maps/assam
Bihar maps/bihar
Chandigarh maps/chandigarh
Chattisgarh maps/chattisgarh
Dadra and Nagar Haveli maps/dadraandnagarhaveli
Daman and Diu maps/damananddiu
Delhi maps/delhi
Goa maps/goa
Gujarat maps/gujarat
Haryana maps/haryana
Himachal Pradesh maps/himachalpradesh
Jammu and Kashmir maps/jammuandkashmir
Jharkhand maps/jharkhand
Karnataka maps/karnataka
Kerala maps/kerala
Lakshadweep maps/lakshadweep
Madhya Pradesh maps/madhyapradesh
Maharashtra maps/maharashtra
Manipur maps/manipur
Meghalaya maps/meghalaya
Mizoram maps/mizoram
Nagaland maps/nagaland
Odisha maps/odisha
Puducherry maps/puducherry
Punjab maps/punjab
Rajasthan maps/rajasthan
Sikkim maps/sikkim
Tamil Nadu maps/tamilnadu
Telangana maps/telangana
Tripura maps/tripura
Uttarakhand maps/uttarakhand
Uttar Pradesh maps/uttarpradesh
West Bengal maps/westbengal

Asia (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Asia (All Regions) maps/asiaregion
Northern Asia maps/northernasia
Central Asia maps/centralasia
Eastern Asia maps/easternasia
Southern Asia maps/southernasia
South East Asia maps/southeastasia
Western Asia maps/westernasia

South Korea (Provincial)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Busan maps/busan
Chungcheong bukdo maps/chungcheongbukdo
Chungcheong namdo maps/chungcheongnamdo
Gangwondo maps/gangwondo
Gwangju maps/gwangju
Gyeonggido maps/gyeonggido
Gyeongsang bukdo maps/gyeongsangbukdo
Gyeongsang namdo maps/gyeongsangnamdo
Incheon maps/incheon
Jejudo maps/jejudo
Jeolla bukdo maps/jeollabukdo
Jeolla namdo maps/jeollanamdo
Daegu maps/daegu
Daejeon maps/daejeon
Seoul maps/seoul
Ulsan maps/ulsan

North Korea (Provincial)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Rason maps/rason
North Hamgyong maps/northhamgyong
Ryanggang maps/ryanggang
Chagang maps/chagang
South Hamgyong maps/southhamgyong
North Pyongan maps/northpyongan
Sinuiju maps/sinuiju
South Pyongan maps/southpyongan
Pyongyang maps/pyongyang
North Hwangae maps/northhwangae
Kangwon maps/kangwon
Kumgangsan maps/kumgangsan
Kaesong maps/kaesong
South Hwangae maps/southhwangae

China (Provincial)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Anhui maps/anhui
Beijing maps/beijing
Shanxi maps/shanxi
Chongqing maps/chongqing
Fujian maps/fujian
Gansu maps/gansu
Shanghai maps/shanghai
Tianjin maps/tianjin
Guangdong maps/guangdong
Guizhou maps/guizhou
Hainan maps/hainan
Hebei maps/hebei
Heilongjiang maps/heilongjiang
Henan maps/henan
Hubei maps/hubei
Hunan maps/hunan
Jiangsu maps/jiangsu
Jiangxi maps/jiangxi
Jilin maps/jilin
Liaoning maps/liaoning
Qinghai maps/qinghai
Shaanxi maps/shaanxi
Shandong maps/shandong
Sichuan maps/sichuan
Yunnan maps/yunnan
Zhejiang maps/zhejiang
Nei Mongol maps/neimongol
Xinjiang maps/xinjiang
Guangxi maps/guangxi
Ningxia Hui maps/ningxiahui


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Kyoto maps/kyoto
Hokkaido maps/hokkaido
Ishikawa maps/ishikawa
Okinawa maps/okinawa
Kagoshima maps/kagoshima
Miyazaki maps/miyazaki
Oita maps/oita
Kumamoto maps/kumamoto
Nagasaki maps/nagasaki
Saga maps/saga
Fukuoka maps/fukuoka
Kochi maps/kochi
Ehime maps/ehime
Kagawa maps/kagawa
Tokushima maps/tokushima
Yamaguchi maps/yamaguchi
Hiroshima maps/hiroshima
Okayama maps/okayama
Shimane maps/shimane
Tottori maps/tottori
Wakayama maps/wakayama
Nara maps/nara
Hyogo maps/hyogo
Osaka maps/osaka
Shiga maps/shiga
Mie maps/mie
Aichi maps/aichi
Shizuoka maps/shizuoka
Gifu maps/gifu
Nagano maps/nagano
Yamanashi maps/yamanashi
Fukui maps/fukui
Toyama maps/toyama
Niigata maps/niigata
Kanagawa maps/kanagawa
Tokyo maps/tokyo
Chiba maps/chiba
Saitama maps/saitama
Gunma maps/gunma
Tochigi maps/tochigi
Ibaraki maps/ibaraki
Fukushima maps/fukushima
Yamagata maps/yamagata
Akita maps/akita
Miyagi maps/miyagi
Iwate maps/iwate
Aomori maps/aomori


Africa (Regions)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Africa (All Regions) maps/africaregion
Eastern Africa maps/easternafrica
Central Africa maps/centralafrica
Northern Africa maps/northernafrica
Southern Africa maps/southernafrica
Western Africa maps/westernafrica

Egypt Maps

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
6th October maps/sixoctober
Al-minya maps/alminya
Asyut maps/asyut
Aswan maps/aswan
Alexandria maps/alexandria
Bahera maps/bahera
Bani-swaif maps/baniswaif
Cairo maps/cairo
Daqahliya maps/daqahliya
Domyat maps/domyat
Fayoum maps/fayoum
Gharbiya maps/gharbiya
Giza maps/giza
Helwan maps/helwan
Ismailia maps/ismailia
Kafr-Alsheikh maps/kafralsheikh
Luxer maps/luxer
Matrouh maps/matrouh
Monofiya maps/monofiya
North Sinai maps/northsinai
Port Said maps/portsaid
Qalyoubiya maps/qalyoubiya
Qina maps/qina
Red Sea maps/redsea
Al-sharqeyah maps/alsharqeyah
South Sinai maps/southsinai
Suhaj maps/suhaj
Suez maps/suez
Wady Gadid maps/wadygadid


Australia States Maps

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
New South Wales (NSW) maps/newsouthwales
Victoria (VIC) maps/victoria
Northern Territory (NT) maps/northernterritory
Western Australia (WA) maps/westernaustralia
Queensland (QLD) maps/queensland
Tasmania (TAS) maps/tasmania
South Australia (SA) maps/southaustralia
Australian Capital Territory maps/australiancapitalterritory

New Zealand (Provinces)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Auckland maps/auckland
Bay of Plenty maps/bayofplenty
Canterbury maps/canterbury
Gisborne maps/gisborne
Hawke's Bay maps/hawkesbay
Manawatu-Wanganui maps/manawatuwanganui
Marlborough maps/marlborough
Nelson maps/nelson
Northland maps/northland
Otago maps/otago
Southland maps/southland
Taranaki maps/taranaki
Tasman maps/tasman
Waikato maps/waikato
Wellington maps/wellington
West Coast maps/westcoast


US States (Area Code)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Alabama Area Code maps/alabamaareacode
Alaska Area Code maps/alaskaareacode
Arizona Area Code maps/arizonaareacode
Arkansas Area Code maps/arkansasareacode
Boston Area Code maps/bostonareacode
California Area Code maps/californiaareacode
Chicago Area Code maps/chicagoareacode
Colorado Area Code maps/coloradoareacode
Connecticut Area Code maps/connecticutareacode
Dallas Fort Worth Area Code maps/dallasfortworthareacode
Delaware Area Code maps/delawareareacode
Detroit Area Code maps/detroitareacode
District of Columbia Area Code maps/districtofcolumbiaareacode
Florida Area Code maps/floridaareacode
Georgia Area Code maps/georgiaareacode
Hawaii Area Code maps/hawaiiareacode
Idaho Area Code maps/idahoareacode
Illinois Area Code maps/illinoisareacode
Indiana Area Code maps/indianaareacode
Iowa Area Code maps/iowaareacode
Kansas Area Code maps/kansasareacode
Kentucky Area Code maps/kentuckyareacode
Louisiana Area Code maps/louisianaareacode
Maine Area Code maps/maineareacode
Maryland Area Code maps/marylandareacode
Massachusetts Area Code maps/massachusettsareacode
Michigan Area Code maps/michiganareacode
Minnesota Area Code maps/minnesotaareacode
Mississippi Area Code maps/mississippiareacode
Missouri Area Code maps/missouriareacode
Montana Area Code maps/montanaareacode
Nebraska Area Code maps/nebraskaareacode
Nevada Area Code maps/nevadaareacode
New Hampshire Area Code maps/newhampshireareacode
New Jersey Area Code maps/newjerseyareacode
New Mexico Area Code maps/newmexicoareacode
New Yorkarea Area Code maps/newyorkareaareacode
New York Area Code maps/newyorkareacode
North Carolina Area Code maps/northcarolinaareacode
North Dakota Area Code maps/northdakotaareacode
Northern California Bay Area Code maps/northerncaliforniabayareacode
Ohio Area Code maps/ohioareacode
Oklahoma Area Code maps/oklahomaareacode
Oregon Area Code maps/oregonareacode
Pennsylvania Area Code maps/pennsylvaniaareacode
Phoenix Area Code maps/phoenixareacode
Rhode Island Area Code maps/rhodeislandareacode
Seattle Area Code maps/seattleareacode
South Carolina Area Code maps/southcarolinaareacode
South Dakota Area Code maps/southdakotaareacode
Southern California LA Area Code maps/southerncalifornialaareacode
Tennessee Area Code maps/tennesseeareacode
Texas Area Code maps/texasareacode
Utah Area Code maps/utahareacode
Vermont Area Code maps/vermontareacode
Virginia Area Code maps/virginiaareacode
Washington Area Code maps/washingtonareacode
WestVirginia Area Code maps/westvirginiaareacode
Wisconsin Area Code maps/wisconsinareacode
Wyoming Area Code maps/wyomingareacode

USA (Congressional)

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
Alabama Congressional maps/alabamacongressional
Alaska Congressional maps/alaskacongressional
American Samoa Congressional maps/americansamoacongressional
Arizona Congressional maps/arizonacongressional
Arkansas Congressional maps/arkansascongressional
California Congressional maps/californiacongressional
Colorado Congressional maps/coloradocongressional
Connecticut Congressional maps/connecticutcongressional
Delaware Congressional maps/delawarecongressional
District of Columbia Congressional maps/districtofcolumbiacongressional
Florida Congressional maps/floridacongressional
Georgia Congressional maps/georgiacongressional
Guam Congressional maps/guamcongressional
Hawaii Congressional maps/hawaiicongressional
Idaho Congressional maps/idahocongressional
Illinois Congressional maps/illinoiscongressional
Indiana Congressional maps/indianacongressional
Iowa Congressional maps/iowacongressional
Kansas Congressional maps/kansascongressional
Kentucky Congressional maps/kentuckycongressional
Louisiana Congressional maps/louisianacongressional
Maine Congressional maps/mainecongressional
Maryland Congressional maps/marylandcongressional
Massachusetts Congressional maps/massachusettscongressional
Michigan Congressional maps/michigancongressional
Minnesota Congressional maps/minnesotacongressional
Mississippi Congressional maps/mississippicongressional
Missouri Congressional maps/missouricongressional
Montana Congressional maps/montanacongressional
Nebraska Congressional maps/nebraskacongressional
Nevada Congressional maps/nevadacongressional
New Hampshire Congressional maps/newhampshirecongressional
New Jersey Congressional maps/newjerseycongressional
New Mexico Congressional maps/newmexicocongressional
New York Congressional maps/newyorkcongressional
North Carolina Congressional maps/northcarolinacongressional
North Dakota Congressional maps/northdakotacongressional
Ohio Congressional maps/ohiocongressional
Oklahoma Congressional maps/oklahomacongressional
Oregon Congressional maps/oregoncongressional
Pennsylvania Congressional maps/pennsylvaniacongressional
Puerto Rico Congressional maps/puertoricocongressional
Rhode Island Congressional maps/rhodeislandcongressional
South Carolina Congressional maps/southcarolinacongressional
South Dakota Congressional maps/southdakotacongressional
Tennessee Congressional maps/tennesseecongressional
Texas Congressional maps/texascongressional
US Virgin Islands Congressional maps/usvirginislandscongressional
Utah Congressional maps/utahcongressional
Vermont Congressional maps/vermontcongressional
Virginia Congressional maps/virginiacongressional
Washington Congressional maps/washingtoncongressional
West Virginia Congressional maps/westvirginiacongressional
Wisconsin Congressional maps/wisconsincongressional
Wyoming Congressional maps/wyomingcongressional


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
EastNorthCentral DMA maps/eastnorthcentraldma
EastSouthCentral DMA maps/eastsouthcentraldma
MiddleAtlantic DMA maps/middleatlanticdma
Mountain DMA maps/mountaindma
NewEngland DMA maps/newenglanddma
Pacific DMA maps/pacificdma
SouthAtlantic DMA maps/southatlanticdma
USA DMA maps/usadma
WestNorthCentral DMA maps/westnorthcentraldma
WestSouthCentral DMA maps/westsouthcentraldma


Chart Type JavaScript Alias
US (MSA) maps/usmsa

USA TimeZone

Chart Type JavaScript Alias
USA Time Zone maps/usatimezone
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