Add CLI options in a file

All the CLI export config options can be written in a JSON file. To do this, you need to provide the JSON file as CLI arguments using the --config, or -e, option. The remaining elements will be automatically figured out from that file. The content of the fusionexport_config.json file is given below:

        "chart-config": "uat/50charts.js",
        "output-file": "uat/export-<%= number(1, 100) %>",
        "type": "png",
        "width": 1000,
        "height": 500,
        "log-dest": "uat/",
        "log-file": "test.log",
        "log-level": "silly",
        "remote-export-enabled": false

Once done, run the following command:

    $ fe -e fusioncharts_config.json
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