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Pyramid charts are used for comparison of data, e.g. sales data of a product for a year. A pyramid chart consists of various segments, each representing a data point. The height of the pyramid segment, with respect to the entire pyramid, depicts the value for a specific data point.

In this section, you will be introduced to the:

  • Basics of a pyramid chart

  • Salient features of a pyramid chart

Basics of a Pyramid Chart

As you know, each segment in a pyramid chart represents a dataset with the height of the segment representing the value for that dataset. To distinguish segments from one another, you can configure them individually for their background, border, etc. Adjacent to the pyramid segments, the label and value of that pyramid can be displayed.

A simple 2D pyramid chart looks like this:

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Salient Features

There! You have now seen and understood the basic elements of a pyramid chart.