Version 3.19.x

Version 3.19

2nd August, 2022

New Features

  • FusionCharts Version 3.19 introduces the new Grouped Stacked Bar chart called the 'MSStackedBar2D' chart.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 added the functionality to show the percentage value with the corresponding legend in the 'Doughnut' and 'Pie' chart type.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 updated 'Angular' integration to support 'Angular' versions 11, 12, and 13.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 updated 'React-Native' integration to support 'React-Native' versions 16, 17, and 18.


  • FusionCharts version 3.19 improved the PDF encoding allowing users to save and export PDF files on a local server. Previously, saving a PDF resulted in a corrupted file.
  • Starting FusionCharts version 3.19, the FusionMap feature now shows the Indian region of Ladakh as a separate entity.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 allows users to define the legend container's width.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 improved the readability of 'Multiseries' charts by preventing plotted value series from overlapping when using the same or similar values.


  • Starting FusionCharts version 3.19, the 'addGroup' method renders annotations correctly. Previously, the 'addGroup' method removed existing Annotations.
  • Starting FusionCharts version 3.19, Android applications no longer crash when exporting charts using the react-native plugin.
  • Spline charts display all datasets correctly even if dataset values contain zeros. Previously, the data plots did not display correctly if one dataset had zero as a value.
  • Legend items in Timeseries charts are now working correctly. Previously, when toggled, the legend shifted positions upon mouse hovering.
  • The 'BoxandWhisker2D' chart shows all data correctly when exported in 'XLSX' or 'CSV' format. Previously, the exported chart displayed erroneous null values.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 updated the license activation mechanism so that once the user adds the license activation code, the charts render without the watermark logo.
  • All items in 'Sankey' charts are visible and work as expected. Previously, some tooltips and values were not fully visible when there was a large difference in values.
  • Starting FusionCharts version 3.19, Hovering over legends displays all 'plothighlighteffect' values as expected. Previously, if ‘plotHighlightEffect’ is enabled, then any 'plothighlighteffect' applied at the dataset level did not display upon hovering over the legends.
  • Exporting using the ASP.NET private export handler is working correctly. PDFs are readable and exported as expected. Previously, the exported PDF was not readable.
  • Using the 'vline' attribute in Line charts now works correctly. Previously, if 'vline' was set to true for the first data plot, the data plot did not display.
  • The 'Treemap' chart renders correctly when using the 'sliceanddice' algorithm. Previously, the chart did not render correctly if using the 'sliceanddice' algorithm with 'vertical' and 'horizontal' slicing mode.
  • The 'Dragnode' chart displays all tooltips correctly when hovering over any part of each node. Previously, some nodes did not display tooltips when hovered over.
  • FusionCharts version 3.19 loads and works as expected with theZkoss library. Previously, loading the library resulted in an error message in the console.