Version 3.15.x

Version 3.15.0

5th December, 2019

New Features

  • FusionCharts Version 3.15.0 introduces 3 new chart types - the Sankey Diagram, the Sunburst Chart, and the Chord Diagram. All of these charts belong to PowerCharts XT.

    • The Sankey Diagram is a type of flow diagram, which depicts the flow of resources from one point to another.

    • The Chord Diagram is a graphical method of displaying flows or connections among relatable entities.

    • The Sunburst Chart helps in visualizing relationships within hierarchical data. It displays hierarchy through a series of concentric rings, each of which corresponds to a different level within the hierarchy.

  • Starting v3.15.0, scrolling can be enabled in the box and whisker chart. You can use numVisiblePlot attribute to control the number of plot points visible on the chart canvas.

  • The min, q1, median, q3, max, mean, median, md, sd, and outlier of the box and whisker chart can now be directly mentioned within the data object. So from now on, box and whisker chart can be used in two ways:

    • Provide values and expect the chart to determine the summarised values.

    • Provide summarised values to a box and whisker plot.


  • In Treemap, the attribute navigationBarHeight can now be used to control the height of the navigation bar of the chart after drill down.

  • The following improvements have been made to the Box and Whisker chart:

    • Data values (mean, MD, SD, QD, and outlier) can now be displayed along with icons using the following attributes:

      • showMeanValue

      • showMDValue

      • showSDValue

      • showQDValue

      • showOutlierValue

    When any of the above attributes are explicitly enabled, the chart will always display the corresponding value, even if the attributes showValue or showValues is disabled or enabled.

    • Position of the values (mean, MD, SD, QD, and outlier) can now be displayed either above or below the data plot using the following attributes:

      • meanValuePosition

      • MDValuePosition

      • SDValuePosition

      • QDValuePosition

      • outlierValuePosition

    • Custom border colors can now be assigned to the icons (for mean, MD, SD, QD, and outlier) using the following attributes:

      • meanIconBorderColor

      • MDIconBorderColor

      • SDIconBorderColor

      • QDIconBorderColor

      • outlierIconBorderColor

      Previously, only the default black border was visible for the above icons.

  • In Radar Charts, long labels and the chart border were displaced when the radarRadius was explicitly mentioned and the chart was resized. This version onwards, the chart has been optimized for resizing, to ensure such issues no longer occur.

  • In this version, 31 core map files have been updated. Click here to get the list of updated maps.


  • In a box and whisker chart, when hovered over an icon (for mean, MD, SD, QD, or outlier) where meanIconShape, MDIconShape, SDIconShape, QDIconShape, or outlierIconShape is set to spoke, the spokes now get highlighted properly.

  • In Doughnut chart, the $label macro is now working properly for the centerLabel attribute.

  • Pie and Doughnut charts now use canvas space more effectively.

  • In Pie and Doughnut charts, the tooltipBorderRadius attribute now works properly.

  • In a Gantt chart, when the width was set in percentage and the scrollToDate attribute was used, resizing the browser changed the start date in the chart. The issue has been fixed.

  • The data object attribute, when set to visible for the events legendItemRollover and legendItemRollout, was showing incorrect value. The issue has been fixed.