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FusionCharts XT offers Stacked Chart – a type of multi-series chart where multiple datasets are stacked one above the other. Have a look at the image below to have an idea how a Stacked Chart looks like:

Before you go further with this page, we recommend you to please see the previous pages Creating First Chart and Creating Multi-series chart as we start off from concepts explained in that page.

The process of generating Stacked chart is same as multi-series chart. The only difference is here we need to specify a different chart type. Open and modify the multi-series chart you have created in the previous page like this:

    'Include FusionCharts ASP Class
<!--#include file="../Class/FusionCharts_Gen.asp"-->
dim FC
    'Create FusionCharts ASP class object   
set FC = new FusionCharts
    'Set chart type to Stacked Column2D chart   
Call FC.setChartType("StackedColumn3D")

As you can see, while creating the chart object, we have only changed the chart type to stackedColumn3D

FC = new FusionCharts
Call FC.setChartType("StackedColumn3D")

This is the trick. You can see that, instead of a multiseries chart, we render a stacked chart.

Please go through FusionCharts ASP Class API Reference section to know more about the functions used in the above code.

Here comes the output: