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To begin with, let's create a simple chart that will visually depict the Weekly Sales of a fictitious shop. The sample data we intend to plot can be tabularized as shown below:

Week Previous Month (sales)
Week 1 $40800
Week 2 $31400
Week 3 $26700
Week 4 $54400

Let's see how to use FusionCharts ASP Class to plot this data into a column3D chart:

   ' Include FusionCharts ASP Class
 <!--#include file="../Class/FusionCharts_Gen.asp"-->
dim FC
    ' Create FusionCharts ASP class object
set FC = new FusionCharts
    ' Set chart type to Column3D
Call FC.setChartType("Column3D")
    ' Set chart size 
Call FC.setSize("300","250")
    ' Set the relative path of the SWF file
Call FC.setSWFPath("../FusionCharts/")
     dim strParam
            ' Define chart attributes
           strParam="caption=Weekly Sales;xAxisName=Week;yAxisName=Revenue;numberPrefix=$"
            ' Set chart attributes
         Call FC.setChartParams(strParam)
            ' Add chart values and category names
         Call FC.addChartData("40800","label=Week 1","")
         Call FC.addChartData("31400","label=Week 2","")
         Call FC.addChartData("26700","label=Week 3","")
         Call FC.addChartData("54400","label=Week 4","")
         <title>First Chart Using FusionCharts ASP Class</title>
         <script language='javascript' src='../FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js'></script>
               ' Render Chart with JS embedding Method
               Call FC.renderChart(false)

Let's analyze the steps involved in the above code:

  • We include FusionCharts_Gen.asp in the program. This file contains FusionCharts ASP Class codes.

    <!--#include file="../Class/FusionCharts_Gen.asp"-->

  • We create a chart object.

    set FC = new FusionCharts

  • We specify the chart type.

    Call FC.setChartType("Column3D")

  • We specify the size of the chart.

    Call FC.setSize("300","250")

  • Next, we set a relative path to the chart SWF files using the setSwfPath() function. This is the path from which we load the chart SWF files.

    Call FC.setSWFPath("../FusionCharts/")

  • We store all desired chart attributes in the strParam variable and set chart attributes using the setChartParams() function.

    strParam="caption=Weekly Sales;xAxisName=Week;yAxisName=Revenue;numberPrefix=$"
    Call FC.setChartParams(strParam);

  • Now, we provide chart data through the addChartData() function.We pass the value first and then the category name against each value as a parameter i.e., label=Week 1 etc.

    Call FC.addChartData("40800","label=Week 1","")
    Call FC.addChartData("31400","label=Week 2","")
    Call FC.addChartData("26700","label=Week 3","")
    Call FC.addChartData("54400","label=Week 4","")

    NOTE: ASP does not support the concept of optional parameter. Hence, we need to provide all the parameters. In case you have nothing to pass as a parameter to a function, you need to provide a blank ("") value, as we did here for addChartData(). In the coming pages we will follow this rule as well.

  • Finally, we include FusionCharts.js - FusionCharts JavaScript Embedding Class.

  • And display the chart using the renderChart() function. Please note False is passed as a parameter to the renderChart() function. This is done to render the chart using JavaScript embedding method. IF you wish to render the chart using HTML embedding method, you will need to pass True instead.

    Call FC.renderChart(false)

Here is the Column 3D chart that our FusionCharts ASP Class renders:

Please go through FusionCharts ASP Class API Reference section to know more about the functions used in the above code.

How to change chart width and chart height?

When we declare an object of FusionCharts ASP Class, we use initializing functions like setChartType, setSize etc.

In the code above, the statement Call FC.setSize("300","250") sets the chart's width to 300 pixels and height to 250 pixels.

Hence, we can use this to set the desired dimension of our charts. Let's set our chart's dimension to 450 x 350 pixels.

Call FC.setSize("450","350")

How to change chart type?

As we discussed above, the chart type is also specified using setChartType function, while declaring FusionCharts ASP Class object.

Call FC.setChartType("Column3D")

To make a Pie Chart for our Weekly Revenue data, we just need to provide Pie3D instead of Column3D to setChartType function.

Call FC.setChartType("Pie3D") 

To change chart type you can use any of the Chart Type names listed below:

Chart Type Name Description
Column2D Single Series Column 2D Chart
Column3D Single Series Column 3D Chart
Line2D Single Series Line 2D Chart
Pie3D Single Series Pie 3D Chart
Pie2D Single Series Pie 2D Chart
Bar2D Single Series Bar 2D Chart
Area2D Single Series Area 2D Chart
Doughnut2D Single Series Doughnut 2D Chart
Doughnut3D Single Series Doughnut 3D Chart
Pareto2D Pareto 2D Chart
Pareto3D Pareto 3D Chart
MSColumn3D Multi-Series Column 3D Chart
MSColumn2D Multi-Series Column 2D Chart
MSArea2D Multi-Series Area 2D Chart
MSLine2D Multi-Series Line 2D Chart
ZoomLine Zoom Line chart
MSBar2D Multi-Series Bar 2D Chart
MSBar3D Multi-Series Bar 3D Chart
StackedColumn2D Stacked Column 2D Chart
StackedColumn3D Stacked Column 3D Chart
StackedBar2D Stacked Bar 2D Chart
StackedBar3D Stacked Bar 3D Chart
StackedArea2D Stacked Area 2D Chart
MSStackedColumn2D Multi-Series Stacked Column 2D Chart
Bubble Multi-Series Bubble Chart
Scatter Multi-Series Scatter Chart
ScrollColumn2D Multi-Series Column 2D Scroll Chart
ScrollLine2D Multi-Series Line 2D Scroll Chart
ScrollArea2D Multi-Series Area 2D Scroll Chart
ScrollStackedColumn2D Stacked Column 2D Scroll Chart
MSCombi3D Multi-Series Combination Single Y-Axis 3D Chart
MSCombi2D Multi-Series Combination Single Y-Axis 2D Chart
MSColumn3DLine Multi-Series Combination Single Y-Axis Chart
(Column 3D + Line)
MSCombiDY2D Multi-Series Combination Dual Y-axis 2D Chart
MSColumn3DLineDY Multi-Series Combination Dual Y-Axis Chart
(Column 3D + Line)
StackedColumn2DLine Stacked Combination Column 2D Line Single Y-Axis Chart
StackedColumn3DLine Stacked Combination Column 3D Line Single Y-Axis Chart
StackedColumn3DLineDY Stacked Combination Column 3D Line Dual Y-Axis Chart
ScrollCombi2D Combination 2D Single Y-Axis Scroll Chart
ScrollCombiDY2D Combination Dual Y-Axis 2D Scroll Chart
MSStackedColumn2DLineDY Combination Multi-Series Stacked Column 2D-Line Dual Y-Axis Chart
Marimekko Marimekko
Grid Single Series Grid Chart

Please note that Chart Type Names - Line, MSLine and MSColumnLine3D from previous version are changed to Line2D, MSLine2D and MSColumn3DLine (respectively). The old Names are still applicable, though deprecated. We recommend you to use the new Names.