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Can I save the charts generated by FusionWidgets XT as image/PDF?

Yes, you can save the charts and gauges as images from FusionWidgets XT itself. Please go through the Exporting Charts as Images/PDFs section to see how to do this.

Can I email the charts?

Yes - you can email the Flash charts as ActiveX Objects. But, most of the modern day email clients will not show the chart for security reasons, as it's an ActiveX object. However, using the new image save feature, you can just right click on chart, save it and send via email.

Can I export the chart data to Excel?

Not directly. But, you can retrieve the chart data in CSV format using getDataAsCSV() JavaScript function. The function returns a string containing the CSV. You can save this string to a CSV file through AJAX etc.

Does FusionWidgets XT work in 64 bit Operating System like Windows 64 bit etc.?

Yes - FusionWidgets XT works in 64 bit Operating Systems. If you are using Flash, you will need to install the 64 bit Flash Player along with 64 bit browser application.

How do I know which version of FusionWidgets XT I am using?

If you are using Flash charts, you can enable the Debug Window and check the version stated in the Debug Window. In case, you wish to know the version of FusionCharts JavaScript Class (FusionWidgets XT also uses the same JavaScript class), you can use FusionCharts.version JavaScript property to get the version. FusionCharts.version provides the version value as an array.

Can I use JSON as data source for FusionWidgets XT?

Yes - FusionCharts JavaScript Class (FusionWidgets XT also uses the same JavaScript class) allows you to provide JSON data to the chart. You will need to build your JSON as per the JSON format that the FusionCharts JavaScript Class accepts.

For more information on the JSON data format required to create a chart, please go through the Using JSON as data source section.

Can FusionWidgets XT directly consume data from my database instead of XML/JSON?

No - FusionWidgets XT cannot directly access any database, as it's based on Flash platform. You'll need to provide data to FusionWidgets XT in XML/JSON format only. For this, you'll have to set a middleware script (like ASP, PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, JSP etc.), which will access your database and then build the XML/JSON output for FusionWidgets XT.

Can I stop FusionWidgets XT from animating?

Yes -very much. Just set <chart animation='0' ..> in your XML and the charts won't animate any more.

Can I place my DHTML Menu over the chart?

Yes- starting from FusionWidgets XT, the Flash charts are rendered in Opaque mode(default), allowing all DHTML elements like menu etc. appear over the Flash chart.

I want to hide the "Print Chart" menu item from context menu. How can I do that?

Just set <chart ... showPrintMenuItem='0' ...> in your XML data or { chart : { ... showPrintMenuItem : '0' }... } in your JSON data.

I want to use a URL for data like Data.asp?id=1&subId=2 for the chart. How can I pass these attributes as a part of the URL?

You do not need to do anything extra. The JavaScript class will take care of it. All you need to do is pass the URL that you have. However, in case, you are rendering the chart using HTML Embedding method, just URL-Encode the URL and then provide the same to the charts.

Can I create a chart, using FusionCharts Suite, in my Flex applications?

No - you need to use specially compiled chart SWF files from FusionCharts for Flex to create charts in your Flex applications. Moreover, you need to use FusionCharts.swc (separate builds are provide for Flex SDK 2/3/4), the Flex Builder component, to load the charts into Flex applications.

Is there any limitation on the size of a chart that I can create?

In Flash Player 10, the maximum size for a chart is 8,192 pixels in width or height, and the total number of pixels cannot exceed 16,777,216 pixels. (i.e., if a chart is 8,192 pixels wide, it can only be 2,048 pixels high.). Note that in Flash Player 9 and earlier versions, the limitation is 2,880 pixels in height and 2,880 pixels in width.

Can I use the FusionCharts as a part of my commercial product under the Personal/Website/Intranet/Enterprise/Enterprise Plus license?

No - none of these licenses allow you to include FusionWidgets XT as a part of your commercial product. For that, you need Redistributable license. Please contact us at [email protected] to get more information on Redistributable license.

I want load the XML data from another domain name (website). Can you tell me how to do this?

Since Flash doesn't allow loading of XML documents/data from other domains, and modern browsers applies various security restrictions to cross domain communication, it is not directly possible to load data from other domains. However, for Flash charts a proxy page can do the trick.

For example, use a proxy page say Relayer.aspx which connects to the remote data, reads it and then locally relays to your chart.