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If you're embedding the data streaming charts in your Flash 8 movies, you can call the following methods on the respective Chart class:

Function Name Parameter Description
feedData(strData) strData This method feeds incremental data-stream to chart. The data stream has to be in the same format as provided by real-time data provider page.
getData() None This method returns the current data being shown on the chart as an array.
stopUpdate() None This method stops the chart from self-updating itself.
restartUpdate() None If you've stopped the update of the chart, you can resume the update using this method.
clearChart() None This method clears the data currently being shown on the chart and sets the chart canvas afresh.
Message logger related APIs
showLog() None This method shows the message logger, if it was previously hidden.
hideLog() None This method hides the message logger, if it's visible.
clearLog() None This method clears the message log contents.
Additionally, you can control the annotations using Flash API, which has been discussed in the annotations sections.