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The export process, when using client-side Export Handlers, can be visualized as under:

Elements involved

For enabling export of chart at client-side, we'll need to assemble the following elements:

  • The chart itself is embedded using FusionCharts JavaScript Class (FusionCharts.js). Here, we assume that you have been able to generate the chart for your page. If not, please refer to the relevant section of our documentation.
  • FusionCharts Export Component - This is named as FCExporter.swf and is present in Download Package > Charts. You'll need to copy-paste this SWF to your server. A good location will be to place this SWF along with your chart SWFs.
  • FusionCharts Export Component JavaScript class - This JavaScript class is named as FusionChartsExportComponent.js and is present in Download Package > Charts folder. Place it where you've placed the FusionCharts.js on your website (though not necessary, but this helps you centralize all FusionCharts related JS files)

So let's quickly get started and setup a simple example that exports the chart as an image at client-side.