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FusionWidgets XT allows you to put your tooltips in multiple lines with a little manual tweaking. Consider the XML below:
<set label="John" value="420" tooltext="John Miller{br}Score:420{br}Rank:2"/>
<set label="Mary" value="295" tooltext="Mary Evans{br}Score:295{br}Rank:3"/>
<set label="Tom" value="523" tooltext="Tom Bowler{br}Score:523{br}Rank:1"/>
  "chart": {},
  "data": [
      "label": "John",
      "value": "420",
      "tooltext": "John Miller{br}Score:420{br}Rank:2"
      "label": "Mary",
      "value": "295",
      "tooltext": "Mary Evans{br}Score:295{br}Rank:3"
      "label": "Tom",
      "value": "523",
      "tooltext": "Tom Bowler{br}Score: 523{br}Rank:1"

In the above XML/JSON, we're first setting 3 lines tooltip content for each <set>. To separate each line we use the {br} pseudo code, which is equivalent to <BR> HTML tag in FusionWidgets XT for tooltips.

When you now see the chart, you'll get the following output: