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Given below is the list of gauges and charts in FusionWidgets XT along with their JavaScript alias.

FusionCharts XT, PowerCharts XT and FusionMaps XT are NOT included in this list. For chart and map list of these products, please refer their respective documentation.

Chart/Gauge Type JavaScript chart alias Flash file (SWF Name)
Real-time Angular AngularGauge AngularGauge.swf
Real-time Bulb Bulb Bulb.swf
Real-time Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder.swf
Real-time Horizontal LED HLED HLED.swf
Real-time Horizontal Linear HLinearGauge HLinearGauge.swf
Real-time Thermometer Thermometer Thermometer.swf
Real-time Vertical LED VLED VLED.swf
Real-time data-streaming charts
Real-time Area RealTimeArea RealTimeArea.swf
Real-time Column RealTimeColumn RealTimeColumn.swf
Real-time Line RealTimeLine RealTimeLine.swf
Real-time Stacked Area RealTimeStackedArea RealTimeStackedArea.swf
Real-time Stacked Column RealTimeStackedColumn RealTimeStackedColumn.swf
Real-time Line (Dual Y) RealTimeLineDY RealTimeLineDY.swf
Spark Charts
Spark Line SparkLine SparkLine.swf
Spark Column SparkColumn SparkColumn.swf
Spark Win/Loss SparkWinLoss SparkWinLoss.swf
Bullet Graphs
Horizontal bullet graph HBullet HBullet.swf
Vertical bullet graph VBullet VBullet.swf
Other charts
Funnel Chart Funnel Funnel.swf
Pyramid Chart Pyramid Pyramid.swf
Gantt Chart Gantt Gantt.swf
Drawing component
Drawing Pad DrawingPad DrawingPad.swf