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Given below is the list of charts in PowerCharts XT along with their JavaScript alias.

FusionCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT and FusionMaps XT are NOT included in this list. For chart and map list of these products, please refer their respective documentation.

Chart Type JavaScript Chart Alias Flash file (SWF Name)
Logarithmic Charts
Logarithmic Column 2D Chart LogMSColumn2D LogMSColumn2D.swf
Logarithmic Line 2D Chart LogMSLine LogMSLine.swf
Spline Charts
Single-Series Spline 2D Spline Spline.swf
Single-Series Spline Area 2D SplineArea SplineArea.swf
Multi-Series Spline 2D MSSpline MSSpline.swf
Multi-Series Spline Area 2D MSSplineArea MSSplineArea.swf
Error Charts
Error Bar Chart ErrorBar2D ErrorBar2D.swf
Error Line 2D Chart
Since v 3.2
ErrorLine ErrorLine.swf
Error Scatter Chart
Since v 3.2
ErrorScatter ErrorScatter.swf
Inverse Y Axis Charts
Inverse y-Axis Area 2D Chart InverseMSArea InverseMSArea.swf
Inverse y-Axis Column 2D Chart InverseMSColumn2D InverseMSColumn2D.swf
Inverse y-Axis Line 2D Chart InverseMSLine InverseMSLine.swf
Drag-able Charts
Drag-able Column 2D Chart DragColumn2D DragColumn2D.swf
Drag-able Line 2D Chart DragLine DragLine.swf
Drag-able Area 2D Chart DragArea DragArea.swf
Radar Chart Radar Radar.swf
Heat Map Chart
Since v 3.2
HeatMap HeatMap.swf
Box and Whisker Chart
Since v 3.2
BoxAndWhisker2D BoxAndWhisker2D.swf
Candle-Stick Chart (with support for line chart, bar chart and volume chart) CandleStick CandleStick.swf
Drag Node Chart DragNode DragNode.swf
Step Line Charts
Since v 3.2
MSStepLine MSStepLine.swf
Multi-axis Line Chart MultiAxisLine MultiAxisLine.swf
Multi-level Pie Chart MultiLevelPie MultiLevelPie.swf
Select-Scatter Chart SelectScatter SelectScatter.swf
Waterfall / Cascade Chart Waterfall2D Waterfall2D.swf
Kagi Chart Kagi Kagi.swf