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The following XML attributes of <chart> element are used to configure all aspects of export chart.

Attribute Name Type Description
Core export functionality related attributes
exportEnabled Boolean (0/1) Whether the chart will allow exporting to images/PDFs?
exportShowMenuItem Boolean (0/1) Whether the menu items related to export (for example, Save as JPEG etc.) will appear in the context menu of chart.
exportFormats String

List of formats that the chart will show in context menu, along with label for each one.

The attribute value should be a delimiter separated key-value pair. The delimiter character to be used is '|' (pipe character). The syntax for the attribute value is as follows:

Example: The code required to enable PNG, JPG and PDF type of export with custom context-menu message for PNG and PDF.

exportFormats="PNG=Export as High Quality Image|JPG|PDF=Export as PDF File"

exportAtClient Boolean (0/1) Whether to use Client-side Export Handlers, or Server-side Export Handlers
exportHandler String

In case of Server-side exporting, this refers to the path of the Server-side Export Handler (the ready-to-use scripts that we provide). Make sure to provide the file name along with the path.

In case of Client-side exporting, this refers to the DOM Id of FusionCharts Export Component that is embedded in your web page, along with the chart.

exportAction 'save' or 'download' In case of Server-side exporting, the action specifies whether the exported image will be sent back to client as download, or whether it will be saved on the server.
exportTargetWindow _self or _blank In case of Server-side exporting and when using download as action, this lets you configure whether the return image/PDF will open in same window (as an attachment for download), or whether it will open in a new window.
exportCallback String

Name of JavaScript function that will be called back when export process has finished in case of:

  • Client-side export
  • Batch export
  • Server-side export using 'save' as action
exportFileName String Using this attribute you can specify the name (excluding the extension) of the output (export) file.
Export Dialog configuration related attributes:
showExportDialog Boolean (0/1) Whether to show the export dialog during capture phase. If not, the chart starts capturing process without the dialog visible.
exportDialogMessage String The message to be shown in the dialog box. The default is "Capturing Data : "
exportDialogColor Hex Color Background color of dialog box.
exportDialogBorderColor Hex Color Border color of dialog box.
exportDialogFontColor Hex Color Font color to be used for text in dialog.
exportDialogPBColor Hex Color Color of progress bar in dialog.