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Given below is the list of charts in FusionCharts XT along with their JavaScript chart alias.

PowerCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT and FusionMaps XT are NOT included in this list. For chart list of these products, please refer their respective documentation.

Chart Type JavaScript Chart Alias Flash file (SWF Name)
Single Series Charts
Column 3D Column3D Column3D.swf
Column 2D Column2D Column2D.swf
Line 2D Line Line.swf
Area 2D Area2D Area2D.swf
Bar 2D Bar2D Bar2D.swf
Pie 2D Pie2D Pie2D.swf
Pie 3D Pie3D Pie3D.swf
Doughnut 2D Doughnut2D Doughnut2D.swf
Doughnut 3D Doughnut3D Doughnut3D.swf
Pareto 2D Pareto2D Pareto2D.swf
Pareto 3D Pareto3D Pareto3D.swf
Multi-series Charts
Multi-series Column 2D MSColumn2D MSColumn2D.swf
Multi-series Column 3D MSColumn3D MSColumn3D.swf
Multi-series Line 2D MSLine MSLine.swf
Multi-series Bar 2D MSBar2D MSBar2D.swf
Multi-series Bar 3D MSBar3D MSBar3D.swf
Multi-series Area 2D MSArea MSArea.swf
Marimekko Marimekko Marimekko.swf
Zoom Line ZoomLine ZoomLine.swf
Stacked Charts
Stacked Column 3D StackedColumn3D StackedColumn3D.swf
Stacked Column 2D StackedColumn2D StackedColumn2D.swf
Stacked Bar 2D StackedBar2D StackedBar2D.swf
Stacked Bar 3D StackedBar3D StackedBar3D.swf
Stacked Area 2D StackedArea2D StackedArea2D.swf
Multi-series Stacked Column 2D MSStackedColumn2D MSStackedColumn2D.swf
Combination Charts
True 3D Chart (Multi-series 3D Single Y Combination chart - Column + Line + Area) MSCombi3D MSCombi3D.swf
Multi-series 2D Single Y Combination Chart (Column + Line + Area) MSCombi2D MSCombi2D.swf
Multi-series Column 3D + Multi-series Line - Single Y Axis MSColumnLine3D MSColumnLine3D.swf
Stacked Column2D + Line single Y Axis StackedColumn2DLine StackedColumn2DLine.swf
Stacked Column3D + Line single Y Axis StackedColumn3DLine StackedColumn3DLine.swf
Multi-series 2D Dual Y Combination Chart (Column + Line + Area) MSCombiDY2D MSCombiDY2D.swf
Multi-series Column 3D + Multi-series Line - Dual Y Axis MSColumn3DLineDY MSColumn3DLineDY.swf
Stacked Column 3D + Line Dual Y Axis StackedColumn3DLineDY StackedColumn3DLineDY.swf
Multi-series Stacked Column 2D + Line Dual Y Axis MSStackedColumn2DLineDY MSStackedColumn2DLineDY.swf
XY Plot Charts
Scatter Chart Scatter Scatter.swf
Bubble Chart Bubble Bubble.swf
Scroll Charts
Scroll Column 2D ScrollColumn2D ScrollColumn2D.swf
Scroll Line 2D ScrollLine2D ScrollLine2D.swf
Scroll Area 2D ScrollArea2D ScrollArea2D.swf
Scroll Stacked Column 2D ScrollStackedColumn2D ScrollStackedColumn2D.swf
Scroll Combination 2D (Single Y) ScrollCombi2D ScrollCombi2D.swf
Scroll Combination 2D (Dual Y) ScrollCombiDY2D ScrollCombiDY2D.swf
Single Series Grid Component SSGrid SSGrid.swf