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If you were unable to see the chart, please check for the following steps.


If you only get "chart.", "FusionCharts" or "FusionCharts will load here!" or similar text shown, check the following:

  • Check if you've copied FusionCharts folder with all the SWF chart files and JavaScript files present in it, at the right location.
  • Have you included and provided the path of FusionCharts.js properly in your html file page?
  • Is there any JavaScript syntax or runtime errors that might have halted the execution of FusionCharts functions?
  • Have you given separate names to the chart's JavaScript object and chart's ID?


If you get a JavaScript error message saying "'FusionCharts' is undefined" or something similar (depending on browser)

  • Check if you've copied FusionCharts.js (by default, present in FusionCharts folder) at the right location.
  • Check if the path to this JavaScript file is properly provided in your page, under the <head> element.


SWF Movie not Loading or No chart shown
When viewing your page containing the chart, if you see an endless loading progress bar in your browser, or
if the right click menu (right click at the place where the chart is supposed to be) shows "Movie not loaded", check the following:

  • Check if you've copied FusionCharts folder with all the SWF chart files present in it, at the right location.
  • Check if the SWF path provided in your page is correct.
  • If you're working on a case-sensitive file system Operating System, check for the case of path and SWF file.
  • Check if you've Adobe Flash Player 8 (or above) installed on your machine.
  • Check whether you've enabled your browser to show ActiveX controls. Normally, all browsers are Flash-enabled.


"Error in Loading Data" message
If you get a "Error in Loading Data" message in your chart, it means that FusionCharts could not find XML data at the specified URL. In that case, check the following:

  • Check if you've actually provided dataURL or dataXML. If you do not provide either, FusionCharts looks for a default Data.xml file in the same path. However, if that is also not found, it shows the "Error in Loading Data" error.
  • If you're using dataURL method, paste this URL in your browser to check if it's returning a valid XML. Make sure there are no scripting or time-out errors and a valid XML is being returned. Also make sure that the XML isn't intermingled with HTML content. The data provider page should return clean XML only - not even HTML <head> or <body> tags.
  • If you've to pass parameters to your dataURL data provider page from FusionCharts, make sure they're URLEncoded in the dataURL, when providing to FusionCharts. e.g., if your dataURL needs to be Data.php?id=43&subId=454, you'll need to URL Encode it so that it becomes Data%2Ephp%3Fid%3D43%26subId%3D454. Only then FusionCharts will invoke the URL with proper parameters appended to it.
  • When using dataURL method, make sure that the SWF File and data provider page are on the same sub-domain. Due to Flash's sandbox security model, it cannot access data from external domains, unless otherwise configured.


"Invalid XML Data" message
If you get an "Invalid XML Data" message, it means that the XML data document is malformed. Check it again for common errors like:

  • Difference in case of tags. <chart> should end with </chart> and not </Chart> or </CHART>
  • Missing opening/closing quotation marks for any attributes. e.g., <chart caption=Monthly Sales' should be <chart caption='Monthly Sales'
  • Missing closing tag for any element.
  • If you're using any special characters in your XML, make sure they're properly encoded. Like, in dataXML method, % needs to be encoded as %25, & as %26 and so on. In dataURL method, you can provide most of the characters directly, without the need to encode.
  • In dataXML method, check for conflict of ' (XML Attribute Character) and " (HTML Parameter Character). For example, if you're using direct HTML embedding method, and using " for HTML parameters, then you need to make sure that all your XML attributes use ' as containers. Example: <param name="FlashVars" value="<chart showLabels='1' showValues='1'>...</chart>" />
  • If you've quotes as part of your data, XML Encode them to &apos; Example: <set name='John&apos;s House' />
  • To get more information on what the error in XML is, you can either use the Debug Window (explained next) or open the XML in your browser.

If your error is not resolved using any of the above steps, try using the in-built debugger. To know more about debugger, please refer to FusionCharts Documentation.